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Bones Spoiler Speculation: A Death, a Birth, and a Wedding?

TVLine’s Michael Ausiello just released a boatload of spoilers for May Sweeps — but instead of spilling everything that’s going to happen, he’s left some of the guesswork up to us. Among the things he teases are weddings, pregnancies, deaths, and engagements. We may not be psychic (unlike this lady), but here’s what we think is going to happen when Bones returns on April 7 for its end-of-season run.

Bones Spoiler Speculation: A Death, a Birth, and a Wedding?
Credit: Kristian Dowling/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Number of babies born: At least 3
We’re pretty sure we can count Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) in this category, even though Michaela has revealed that “they have another scare coming” with their unborn baby. Despite these medical issues, we’re pretty confident we’ll see a birth before season’s end.

Number of confirmed fatalities: At least 5
We know the sniper is going to take yet another victim before the season is out, but what we’re not sure is who his victim is going to be. If we had to bet, we’d put our money on one of the squinterns. Sweets’s (John Francis Daley) main squeeze, Daisy (Carla Gallo), is hoping it’s not her.

Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1
Although we all have our fingers and our toes crossed that Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) will be the ones to fulfill this category, we’re prepared to be disappointed. The conversation they had at the end of “The Blackout in the Blizzard” was a good start, but with only seven episodes left in the season, they’re running out of time. The good news is Bones creator Hart Hanson knows “how they would get together.” Get to it, Hart!

Number of near-death experiences: At least 1
Executive producer Stephen Nathan recently said of the Jeffersonian team, “[W]orking in the profession they work in — all of our people — they live with the threat of danger all the time. We have to address that issue at some point and we will this year.” So, which of the main characters gets put in the line of fire? Brennan? Booth? Sweets? Cam (Tamara Taylor)? Hodgins? Angela? Sweets could try to save Daisy from taking a bullet, but our bet is on Booth. He’s always been a live-dangerously-and-survive kind of guy.

Number of engagements: At least 1
It would be very ironic — sad, but ironic — if Daisy becomes the sniper’s fourth victim only moments after Sweets musters up the courage to propose (again). Especially since Daley recently mused that “rushing into marriage so quickly might not necessarily be the best idea for a young man such as himself.”

What do you think? Are we way off, or should we quit our day job and become a psychic?

UPDATE: Ausiello has confirmed that at least two of his May Sweeps Scorecard items are related to Bones. "Maybe more," he added.

Source: TVLine

03.22.2011 / 12:31 AM EDT by Lisa Costantini
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