Shout, Shout, Let It All Out: Recap of the Skins Season 1 Finale
Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    
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Shout, Shout, Let It All Out: Recap of the Skins Season 1 Finale

The rest of the gang

First up is Eura’s brother, former Alpha male Tony. Things aren’t going his way — no one will return his calls. The one time Tea does, he says he loves her and she apologizes for being so awesome. Oh, snap.

Things aren’t going much better for Chris. He’s evicted from Abbud’s treehouse so he breaks into the apartment of his estranged love Tina. Abbud follows and they bitch about their respective issues — Abbud is in breach-of-contract-love with Daisy and Chris is homeless. They decide to get drunk — good plan, gents!

By the end of the episode, Chris’ home situation isn’t resolved but at least Abbud gets some good news. Daisy knows that he’s in love with her because she ain’t dumb. But instead of dumping him, she jumps him. Awww!

Our favorite lesbian-with-a-Tony-clause also gets lucky in love. She spends the episode following Betty around, pleading for her forgiveness about that whole dude thing. Betty’s prepping for an ankle surgery but she still finds the time to make Tea work for it. A few painkiller-assisted confessions later, and Betty invites Tea in against her better judgment. Tea takes her up on it, curling up on Betty’s hospital bed. And she strips down first, which will be a real treat on some lucky nurse’s morning rounds.

As for the rest of our characters, a brand new love triangle is heating up and who should it star but our dear Stanley! Things have sure changed in 10 episodes.

Cadie is suddenly single — studly Warren moved to Wyoming — and she keeps telling Awesome Shrink that while she wants Stanley, she’s totally nervous about it because reality can go badly. Later, after telling Stanley to let go, she follows her own advice — she shows up at Stanley’s door and puts the moves on him.

As for the gentleman in question, after Stan bumrushes the stage to tell Tony that Eura’s okay, he decides to take Cadie’s advice and go big. He breaks into a cover of ‘80s scream therapy superhit "Shout" by Tears for Fears. The crowd digs it and Cadie joins in. What a wonderful coincidence, her just happening to know the verses! They duet and the screen goes into a neato split screen. It’s completely bonkers — we’ve always said this show was gunning for Glee!

And then, when our shag-headed hero returns home from his impromptu, seize-the-day concert, Michelle is taking a page out of Cadie’s playbook and waiting on Stanley’s front step to proclaim her mad desire. We know where this is headed! Stanley leans in for a kiss and they make out like mad. Oh yeah, that’s the dirty drama we like to see!

And that’s it, folks. So can we start our petition for a Season 2 now? Come on MTV, make it happen!
Shout, Shout, Let It All Out: Recap of the Skins Season 1 Finale
Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Welcome to the season finale of Season 1! It seems like only yesterday we were watching Eura stumble around in the snow like a crackhead for the very first time. Sigh. Memories. They grow up so fast.

This week, we meet our lovely Lady of Silence as she waits for Cadie to vacate the office of her shrink — turns out the girls share a head doctor. As Cadie leaves, she warns Eura that he’s in a weird mood. Skins, don’t you dare turn this so-far awesome old dude into a molester — we’ve got enough creepy adults on this show.

Post-therapy, Eura is playing nursemaid for her über-depressed brother Tony. She walks into the kitchen as her folks argue over when exactly Tony got so screwed up. Eura tries to get their attention by stripping to her bra and pouring a cartoon of yogurt over her head. It doesn’t work. She could try shouting. Just a thought.

She finds some crazy, rambling Tony note about lost love and brings it to Michelle, assuming it’s about her. Michelle flips it over and there’s a drawing of a lady on the back and it ain’t Michelle — it’s Tea. She rips it up and sends Eura running away. (Side note #1: Doesn’t Tea draw too? Is everyone on this show an awesome sketch artist or is this another “soulmates” thing?)

Eura reports the mess to Tony, but he’d rather wallow in his depression so Eura sits in her room, stewing. (Side note #2: We’re pretty sure the scrawling on her walls is a monologue from Skins UK.) Then she emerges from the house, looking determined.

Shout, Shout, Let It All Out: Recap of the Skins Season 1 Finale
Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

The next time we “hear” from Eura, Tony’s getting a text message saying that someone’s “got her.” He freaks, which is understandable. Tony shows up at Stanley’s house to beg for help finding Eura. At first, Stanley makes him grovel but then he calls in the calvary and the gang puts their differences aside to solve the case of the missing mute.

Our intrepid crew tracks her to a concert. Looks like fun but our kids are all business, searching for Eura somewhere in the packed crowd. Suddenly she shows up onscreen, doing a moody, arty strip tease. Tony starts to cry. We get it — seeing our little sister strip would make us cry too.

While the gang tears apart the dance floor, Stanley decides to search the bowels of the club. He runs into various shady characters until he finds… dun dun dun… Eura! She’s fine. And she talks! She explains that the whole “Help! I’m being kidnapped” thing was just a ruse to get Tony out of bed. Stanley loses it and screams that Eura’s the only person dear to Tony’s black little heart. Eura says that’s not true — Tony also loves Stan and “the boy girl.”

As for where Eura’s been hiding, Cadie shows up to claim responsibility. Then Stanley starts yelling at her too. Cadie responds that he should lose it for once. He takes her advice and throws Eura over his shoulder. He interrupts the concert by commandeering the A/V system to tell Tony that he’s got Eura and she’s fine. Well, as fine as Eura gets.

Tony and Eura’s dad picks them up at the concert and everything’s forgiven when Eura says goodnight to her mom. All’s well that ends well!

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