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Glee Spoiler! Terri Schuester Is “The Honey Badger”

“Honey badger don’t give a s**t!” And neither does Terri Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig). Jessalyn is reprising her crazy-lady role on Glee in Episode 17, “A Night of Neglect” — thanks to Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and her new “League of Doom.”

Terri will join Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby (Cheyenne Jackson) and former McKinley glee club director Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) in this scrappy, vindictive gang dedicated to undermining New Directions.

“We get code names,” Jessalyn revealed in an interview with “Mine is ‘The Honey Badger.’ [...] At first I thought it was cool that we all had code names but after I saw the video I thought, ‘That’s how they see me?’”

By “the video,” she means this gem:

Terri probably won’t eat a cobra (though you never know... ), but she’s certainly vicious.

And delusional: “Terri is hands down the woman Will’s meant to be with,” Jessalyn added. “They have strong physical chemistry. There’s something adult about Will and Terri’s relationship. Besides, Emma won’t have sex so what’s the point of that?”

Emma (Jayma Mays) is no honey badger. That’s for sure. In the unlikely event she decides to support Sue’s twisted vendetta, her code name would be “The Red Panda.”


03.22.2011 / 11:37 PM EDT by Laura Case
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