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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Fans (That’s You!) Sound Off: Why Blair and Chuck Should Be Together

Gossip Girl may be all Dair, all the time right now, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how much we love Chuck and Blair — and neither have you. You guys gave us some awesome reasons why Chuck and Blair need to reunite, pronto. Check out your brilliance below!

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  • They are the perfect couple! They both know what they want and will do just about anything to get it! And Chuck is was so sweet to Blair when they were together (for the most part). — Jenna Pacheco

  • Because without Chair the complete show is lost! All the other characters invent themselves problems that only by bringing chair together they are capable to solve! Hello, we need them back together! And soon! — Paola Irary

  • They scheme. They know what each other is going to say. They always will be there for each other. They will always love each other. They throw the best parties. And Chuck needs Blair now more then ever. — Trinity Rickmers

  • Blair and Dan would never work, despite their awesome friendship chemistry. Blair has always been second string to Serena, except with Chuck. She feels like she loses everything to Serena and gets Serena's left overs. While Blair and Dan might be blissful for a short amount of time, it's only a matter of time until Dan and Serena have a talk and once again, Blair is reminded that she was a second choice to Serena. Chuck is the only one that hasn't been with Serena, and the only one that Blair has gotten to claim first and have everything be about her. — Amanda Clardy

  • Only one in one word: Soulmates! — Manon Tni

03.22.2011 / 01:10 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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