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Jersey Shore

Ronnie Stages an Intervention… on Himself

Wow, we thought we'd have another 10 years, at least, before the Jersey Shore stars had interventions to face, but the first one is already upon us. Ronnie has interventioned himself...sort of. He signed up for a pre-trial intervention program on Monday that will allow him to narrowly escape a criminal record with an assault charge for his open case against the dude he knocked out with one punch back in Season 1.

Thanks to the program, Ronnie will be free to skip town to shoot Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy come May, plus weasel his way out of a criminal record, provided he doesn't get into trouble for a year. He's due back in court June 6th to see if he's been accepted into the program, which looks like it's going to interfere with his Jersey Shore shooting schedule, but at least he won't be too busy being in jail to participate at all. Oh, and the best part of being admitted into the pre-trial intervention program? Ronnie doesn't have to plead guilty to his assault charge...despite the fact that it was caught on tape.

Another celeb gets off scot-free (well, almost) for a clearly committed crime? Great. Ronnie better be working hard on his intervention letter. Here, Ron-Ron, we'll start it off for you: "My addiction has affected my life negatively in the following ways..."

Source: Ashbury Park Press


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03.22.2011 / 10:54 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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