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The Kardashians

Top 5 Ridiculous Moments from Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 1, Episode 8: “A Dash of Respect”

Episode 8 was chock full of crazy moments — most of them revolving around Dale, Scott’s new personal assistant. Here are the top five ridiculous moments from the show:

5. Khloe and Kourtney leave Kim behind.

This is a seriously ridic moment — it was clear the three sisters were leaving to go to DASH together, how could Kourtney and Khloe leave Kim behind? Seemed a little staged to us, but regardless, it was still ridiculous.

4. Scott tears Dale’s outfit apart on his interview.

Poor Dale can’t get a break. Scott tears apart his outfit on the interview and urges him to get himself together. From the white socks with black shoes to the goatee, Scott ain’t havin’ any of it. How desperate is Dale for a job anyway? It’d be less demeaning shoveling doodie at the zoo.

3. Dale gets a makeover.

After Scott rips Dale apart in the interview, Dale arrives for duty the next day a changed man — hair shorn, goatee shaved, dark suit and pink tie, no white socks. We can’t believe anyone could be so whipped as to abide by Scott’s fashion requests, but it takes all kinds!

2. Khloe humps Kourtney.

Okay, we’ve heard of sisterly bonding but this is ridiculous! When Khloe arrives from L.A. for the opening of DASH, she and Kourt are clearly delighted to see each other, as usual. Khloe picks Kourt up and makes a vigorous humping motions. Kim urges the two to get a room. We have to agree!

1. Scott has Dale go buy him undies.

When Scott is on the set for his Men’s Fitness shoot, he realizes he isn’t wearing any underwear, which he needs for some of the photos. He asks (rather, tells) Dale to get him some. Which is probably the most demeaning thing he could have Dale do, other than smelling his underwear. Dale obliges, but brings back boxer briefs instead of boxers. Scott calls him worthless in front of everyone. Poor Dale!

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