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Wetpaint Exclusive! Blaine Morris Dishes on the Skins Season Finale

With the Skins Season 1 finale airing tonight, we caught up with Blaine Morris, who plays Tea’s (Sophia Black-D’Elia) ever-patient girlfriend Betty. In an exclusive Wetpaint interview, Blaine dishes on the tumultuous girl-girl relationship, her high school zombie moment, and the dog that made her cry.

Wetpaint: You were a kid advisor for Skins before you joined the cast. How much input did you have on the storylines?

Blaine Morris: The writers would present us with ideas and we’d have long sessions about it where we would give our input on the storylines they came up with and they would tweak their revisions off our feedback.

What's your take on the Betty/Tea relationship?

I think it’s a very back-and-forth thing. Tea is very scared of commitments and she finally finds a girl who is pretty much throwing herself at her. Tea sort of can’t take it.

Any hints on what's going down in the finale?

There’s a lot of relationship surprises. People who you wouldn’t think end up with each other, end up with each other. Music is a really big part of the episode, so you can look forward to that. It really takes the forefront of the episode. A lot of the storylines are wrapped up and put in a way that will be surprising but ultimately satisfying to our audience.

Who do you think Betty should be with? And who do you think Tea should be with?

Well, obviously I think Betty should be with Tea because pretty much her entire story arch is about her finding this girl deciding to be a lesbian based on that. [Laughs] I think she really deserves it after waiting so freaking long and being so patient. I think Tea really needs to come to a realization that she is actually a lesbian. She sort of grows up this season.

Can you relate to Skins? Does it reflect on your high school experience?

Somewhat. I can definitely relate to how friendship is so important because I know in my high school experience I didn’t really tell me parents that much. Your life is your friends when you go to school — all the drama that surrounds your friends and your life.

Okay, we wanna know the most Skins-like stunt you've ever pulled.

[Laughs] I never stole a car — or put one in the water. Probably like coming upon strange parties, that’s definitely happened before.

What's your most embarrassing high school moment?

My sophomore year we did a live version of Night of the Living Dead. It was sort of like Rocky Horror, where you have the movie playing while you act it out. So I had to act out this brutal bloody death in front of the whole school about eight times. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever, but it was so embarrassing! Then we all turned into zombies and did Thriller. Yeah, that was rough.

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Did you hang with the cast while you were shooting up in Canada?

Yeah! I’m from New Jersey so I didn’t know anyone else but the cast members so there’s a lot of movies, we go out to dinner, we go shopping — there’s a lot of vintage stores up there.

What's your TV guilty pleasure?

Arrested Development. I’m obsessed with it right now. I’ve been quoting Arrested Development all over the place. I’ve joined the cult.

If you could get any actor to guest star on Skins, who would it be?

We always talk about how we’d love Bill Murray to play a parent. He just has that Skins sort of ear. He has that sarcastic edge that I think is very Skins.

What's the last movie that made you cry?

I was watching a Hallmark movie with my mom. It was Hachi with Richard Gere and a dog. Richard Gere dies and the dog still shows up at the train station where he met him every day for like ten years. He dies on the spot where [Hachi’s] waiting for him. [Laughs] Dog movies really get to me.

What's in your purse?

[Ruffles through purse] I have my Metrocard and my ID and my credit card. I have my phone. A lip gloss and a Chapstick. Umm… Oh, I have raisins in my purse right now. And oatmeal! You never know when you’ll want oatmeal.

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