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Jersey Shore

Details on Vinny’s Acting Gig on Hard Times of RJ Berger

Technically, Vinny's acting debut was his super-awkward, luckily well-written, still hilarious, Old Spice commercial spoof at MTV's New Year's Eve bash. But, he's making the jump from reality to scripted TV for real this time when he makes an appearance on Season 2 of MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

Vinny's ep airs March 28th, and the stars of Hard Times admitted that Vinny's actually pretty professional, for a non-actor.

"You see these [reality] shows and you don't know what to expect because people are always different," explains Jayson Blair, who plays RJ and Miles' archenemy Max. "I talked to [Vinny] here and there at events, but when he came onto set, he was super focused and super dedicated and really passionate about acting, which I couldn't be more excited for. And he was great."

Are you impressed yet? As long as he tones down the crazy eyes he had going during his Old Spice spoof (we really hope that was a joke and not his "actor face"), we don't think Vinny will bomb too badly. To make things easier on him, the Hard Times writers wrote him in to play himself. The episode is titled "My Cousin Vinny."

"So what more would you want than the most famous Vinny I think we got right now?" jokes Jareb Dauplaise, who plays Miles. "So we are finally going to learn how to GTL from the original GTL member himself." Um, actually, Jareb, we don't know if you've ever seen the show or not, but Vinny doesn't T (except for that one time)...also, we're pretty sure Mike coined GTL. But, no biggie, you'll catch on.

From the promo shots, though, it looks like the Hard Times stylists hooked Vinny up with a fade-out bordering on afro. Hmm, so maybe a bit more research was required to work Jersey Shore into its fellow MTV series.

Are you eager to see how Vinny handled a script?

Source: MTV

03.23.2011 / 10:47 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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