Credit: Kyle Richards' Twitter/Yfrog    
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Crossover: NeNe Leakes Hangs With Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong

We already knew Real Housewives Tay Tay and NeNe spent a drama-free night hamming it up back in February . But what we didn’t know was the luxurious ladies had so much fun together that they’d want to schedule Real Housewife rendezvous #2. That’s exactly what they did on Monday night, and they even invited along a third party, Kyle Richards!

Kyle tweeted that she spent a “night on the town” with NeNe Leakes and Taylor Armstrong and the trio were “laughing all night!” Her accompanying pic shows three easygoing babes cheesin’ for the camera. Cute! We just hope they enjoy the drama draught while it lasts, ‘cause when Season 2 really gets rolling, we’re pretty sure those smiles will fade — fast.

Source: Kyle Richards’ Twitter