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Top 10 Quotes from Skins Season 1, Episode 10: “Eura”

Last night’s Skins finale had a lot of notable quotables for an episode about a girl who doesn’tspeak! And as much as we loved the wealth of witticisms, we were also pained — these bon mots are the last Skins gems we’ll be getting for a long time! Here are our ten favorite quotes to tide us all over until the gang returns for Season 2 (pretty please, MTV!)

10. Quickly! Cities crumble when Chris gets bored.
Chris: Hey, porn stars! Quit boring me! Let's party.

9. Not seeing Daisy’s breasts is fate worse than death
Abbud: No, dude. It's a Muslim rehab. I'll probably have to get a beard, and that's a problem because it only grows under my ears. And I'll never get to see Daisy's breasts again. I don't care how many virgins are waiting for me. It's like way bad.
Chris: Virgins? What do you have to do to qualify?
Abbud: Die.
Chris: Seems a little out there.

8. Hell hath no fury, etc.
Betty: You sure put a lot of time into that boy. And he put a lot of his penis into you.

7. Not everything’s about you, Stanley.
Cadie: I don't know if it was real. Why is that, Stanley?
Stanley: Oh, no reason, apart from every time we get together, you mostly try and kill yourself.

6. Come on Stan, what did we just say?
Stanley: I got to get an A, okay? If I don’t get an A, then I fail the semester. If I fail the semester, then I fail the year. If I fail the year, then my dad looks bad. If my dad looks bad, then my mom is gonna keep doing her fitness instructor over at Dimension Makeover and then my dad will go all introspective and hang himself from a beam in the garage.

5. Betty polices her own brass.
Betty: You screw around with boys. What do they have that I don’t? Okay, okay, that didn’t work.

4. Why doesn’t Eura speak more often?
Eura: You stupid dildo.

3. Nevermind
Stanley: So, he loves me.
Eura: And the boy-girl of course. He loves her as well.

2. Ouch.
Tony: I love you, Tea.
Tea: I know. I’m sorry for doing that.

1. Ladies and gentlemen, thematic statement.
Cadie: Just go crazy. See what happens.

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