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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: How Will Lexie’s New Affair Affect Jackson and Mark’s Bromance?

Most of the attention in the Mark/Lexie/Jackson love triangle on Grey's Anatomy is on who Lexie will ultimately choose and whether a fling with Jackson will put a damper on her future with Mark. But what about Mark and Jackson? They have a certain rapport. Jackson was assigned to his service, and seemed to like making the plastics rounds. Mark even asked him to snoop on Lexie for him. So will dating the object of Mark's affection kill their budding professional bromance?

Jesse Williams dishes, "Jackson was just lobbying Mark to let him do plastic surgeries a couple episodes ago...But now, what happens in the hallway when we see each other? Do we square off? Do we become buddies? Who knows? That will be the next step that we'll find out. These two guys, what happens when there's a girl in the way? What are they going to do?"

Thanks, Jesse. That was super helpful. Do you think Jackson has burned all bridges with Mark or will they be able to make nice and call a truce over Lexie, at least while Mark is occupied with baby drama?

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