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Spoiler: Will Beckett Get Pregnant?

At the beginning of the month, TVLine’s Michael Ausiello dropped a huge spoilery bomb on the TV community: Somebody is gettin’ knocked up before the end of the season.

We hadn’t heard much since then about who can expect a bun in the oven, but now Michael’s giving us a solid hint about the new parents to be. The big clue? Their show is on ABC. [Insert gasp here.]

Obviously, we started to speculate when we heard that little piece of info. While we certainly aren’t expecting any pregnancies for the Castle peeps anytime soon (Castle and Beckett only finally reached first base a few eppys ago, and we won't even think about Josh), Michael dishes that the little nugget is, indeed, a shocker for both the viewers and whoever the stinker belongs to.

And we did just find out Castle and Beckett are sharing a hotel room in episode 3.22 — and somebody on TV is going to have sex for the first time. When it put it all together, it kinda makes sense. But, really, we’re not so sure how producers would work an infant into a crime procedural.

But if it’s not Caskett producing offspring, there’s always Esposito and Lanie. Maybe Esposito’s flirtation on Temptation Lane ends up bringing the couple closer, and they decide to get a little frisky and forget to use protection? (Okay, we’re stretching here. We get it.)

What do you guys think? Could somebody on Castle be with child?

Source: TVLine

03.24.2011 / 01:25 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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