Wetpaint Exclusive! Candice Accola Dishes on What’s to Come for Caroline and Matt
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The Vampire Diaries

Wetpaint Exclusive! Candice Accola Dishes on What’s to Come for Caroline and Matt

You’ve had the enviable task of kissing three TVD hotties during your time on the show. Who’s the best kisser: Ian, Zach, or Michael?

Oh, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell!

What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

I worked as a backup singer for Miley Cyrus and I love all her stuff, but it was also all the Hannah Montana stuff — which is really fun music, but it’s for a very specific demographic. So I have every single Hannah Montana song from Season 1 and Season 2 on my iPod. It’s always that risk factor when I put it on “random” what song is going to pop out. But, hell, I had a great time bopping and moving and shaking to those songs for a couple of months, so it brings back good memories for me. Everyone just thinks I’m weird.

Outside of TVD, who’s your favorite vampire?

I love whenever Evan Rachel Wood is on True Blood. She’s just such a woman in that manipulative, little girl way. It’s really cool.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an actor?

If I wasn’t in the entertainment industry at all I would want study psychology and become a therapist of sorts.

Before TVD were you a fan of the Sci-Fi/Horror genre?

To be honest, I’ve never been a genre person. Not that I didn’t like it, it just wasn’t something that initially grabbed me and sucked me in. At this point I love working on the show just as much as I love watching it. My other favorite genre show is The Walking Dead, which I’m so excited to see come back. I’ve got every finger and appendage crossed hoping to be able to go and visit that set, or be a creeper and watch them film something. I want to see some zombies appear.

Cool! Do you have a favorite zombie or vampire movie?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one that I grew up with — the movie. That was a really fun one. And The Craft. I know that’s witches and not vampires but it was another favorite growing up.

Wait. You liked Buffy the movie more than the series?

Okay, see, you’re gonna judge me because I never watched the show. I know. But I was watching Dawson’s Creek!

Want more? Read Part 1 of our interview with Candice Accola for scoop on whether Caroline will be able to forgive Tyler!

Wetpaint Exclusive! Candice Accola Dishes on What’s to Come for Caroline and Matt
Credit: CW    

If you’re wondering how long Caroline Forbes will survive when The Vampire Diaries returns next month, so is the woman who plays her. In Part 2 of our exclusive Wetpaint interview, Candice Accola talks about the infamously low survival rate among the lady vamps of Mystic Falls, how Matt will cope with vampire-Caroline, and reveals her completely shocking favorite vampire movie. (Read Part 1 of our interview with Candice here!)

Wetpaint: What did you think when you learned Caroline was turning into a vamp this season?

Candice Accola: I was very excited and a little worried, considering that most of the vampire women on our show haven’t survived. [Laughs] So I blatantly recognized it as an opportunity for the character and for myself, and I could not be more grateful that the writers extended that opportunity.

How concerned are you that Caroline might be doomed?

They were very up front once we got the job and made the commitment that they were going to see whatever was best for the storyline and the show. From day one, all of our jobs have been on the line. Nobody’s safe. When you’re working on a vampire show, you have to know that that’s what goes along with it. It’s scary but for a viewer that’s what’s exciting about it. I’m a TV junkie and I love when a show is able to take risks like that. I think it’s necessary to take risks like that and it makes our show what it is.

Caroline has been through quite the transformation this season — not just physically but also emotionally. How do you think she’s changed?

I think Caroline has grown up. She’s become much more secure with herself. She’s started to take responsibility for her actions. She’s seeing the world from a perspective that’s not just her own. I think the biggest thing is that she’s become more confident and she’s starting to put other people’s feelings in front of hers.

How will Caroline’s relationship with Matt (Zach Roerig) change, now that he knows her secret?

It’s going to depend on the conversation that follows up when we come back on April 7th. The teaser showed Matt and Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) having a discussion. I think his priority at this point is to figure out what really happened to his sister and if Caroline was involved with it or not.

We absolutely loved seeing you sing on the show. Will you sing again?

I will not be singing again, but it was really, really fun. I know the writers have no intention of turning TVD into a musical show by any means. They just wanted it to be where Caroline really lays it all out there in the most embarrassing, ballsy fashion she could — which would be to jump onstage, stumble around awkwardly and sing a serenade for her man. It was a really sweet moment and it was so much fun to film but I don’t think there’ll be any more singing.

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