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The Bachelor

Chantal O’Brien Reportedly Gained 15 Pounds on The Bachelor (And Still Looked Better Than the Rest of Us)

After Ali Fedotowsky’s stint as The Bachelorette, she was open about her weight gain and plans to get back in shape.

“I didn’t think much of it, but everyone noticed,” Ali told OK! Magazine last summer about her 10 pound weight gain. “I just wanted to eat more [while I was on the show]. I also wasn’t as active as I usually am at home.”

We can probably add Chantal O’Brien to the same boat. Although The Bachelor Season 15 runner-up rocked her sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, it was clear she had filled out a bit in the couple of months of filming.

“Chantal gained about 15 pounds when she was on the show,” insiders told Hollywood Life. “They feed them tons of food and alcohol and it’s hard to stay healthy.”

Last summer, Bachelor and Bachelorette stylist Cary Fetman talked to Wetpaint about the weight gains — and sometimes losses — the show’s stars almost always experience.

“They go from having worked out to all of a sudden getting here and we're shooting late at night and you haven't eaten on camera because you don't want to eat while they're filming,” Cary said. “So you first come home and then you're starving and you start munching on crap at four o'clock in the morning and then you need to get back for a date the next day. And a lot of drinking. It's just different. Like the guys sometimes will get much thinner because they're losing their muscle. The girls have a tendency to go up. And yet Jillian [Harris] was the opposite. She kind of went down.”

It’s all about genetics, body type and how people handle stress. Some of us eat more. Some of us eat less.

Now that Chantal is back to her normal routine in Seattle — plus a new boyfriend — she’s probably back to her pre-Bachelor weight as well. But if she isn’t, who cares? She’s hot and happy either way.

Source: Hollywood Life

03.25.2011 / 03:59 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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