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Grey's Anatomy

Josh Kelley Wrote a Song for Katherine Heigl on New Album

If you're having some trouble getting into the Grey's Anatomy musical mood, here's some music news to lift your spirits. Katherine Heigl (who played Izzie)'s hubby, Josh Kelley is known for his laid-back pop vibe, but, now that he's a family man, he's been inspired to move back towards his country roots. His new album, Georgia Clay, is being released by MCA Nashville. Katherine even acts as his muse on one track, called "Don't You Go." Josh spoke to HitFix about the song penned for his wifey: "It’s about my wife having to go to the movie set real early in the morning and I want her to just say no, tell them you’re sick... All these little things that we feel, those are the most fun to write about."

The couple are also proud parents to 2 ½ year old adopted Naleigh, and she gets a shout-out on the album, too, in the track "Naleigh Moon."

Josh Kelley writing a song about Katherine Heigl isn't quite as cute as that one time Chris Martin serenaded girlfriend-at-the-time Gwyneth Paltrow with "Yellow" on stage, but almost.

Georgia Clay drops today, March 24, 2011. Check out the Katherine-inspired jam on iTunes!

Source: HitFix


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