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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Source: The Real Housewives of D.C. Has Been Canceled

Just last week, the man who has it all (we’re referring to Bravo’s Andy Cohen, obvi) announced that Miami was the final stop for the Real Housewives train, but he didn’t provide specifics. (Although we assumed its low ratings and overall dull factor were somehow involved.)

Today RadarOnline is reporting that Miami isn’t the only RH franchise that, well, kinda sucks. The Real Housewives of D.C. didn’t fare well, either — and, according to one source, it won’t be coming back for a Season 2. “The show just didn’t do well and it wasn’t worth airing another season,” a source says.

Sad, no? But what makes matters worse is that the D.C. women have been left in the dark about the whole thing. “The D.C. housewives were meant to be starting shooting their second season now and they haven’t heard a peep from Bravo,” says the source. The insider adds: “No one from the cast has been contacted yet and told that the show is cancelled.” Ouch! Who wants to bet they know now?

Anyway, given that not one, but two Housewives franchises have now tanked, we understand Andy’s decision to stop expanding much better. And while we must admit it’s fun having new Housewives episodes to devour, we like Bravo’s new approach. “Bravo used to think it was about the brand and they could switch the Housewives at any point,” says the source. “But now they have realized it is about the women involved and that has changed their perspective.”

Their plan? Focus on what — and who — they’ve already got. “...They’re going to concentrate on the successful shows they have and not expand any further,” says the source.

But while “concentrate” on the other Housewives (which we hope means renewing RHoBH and like, giving all the ladies free manicures or something), what happens to D.C.? “We’re just hoping that people forget it ever happened,” the source says. We’d say that’s doable.

Source: RadarOnline