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Pretty Little Liars

What’s the Connection Between Ian, Jenna, and Officer Garrett on PLL?

Something strange is going on between Ian (Ryan Merriman), Jenna (Tammin Sursok), and Officer Garrett Reynolds (Yani Gelmman), especially after the Pretty Little Liars season finale. We didn’t know any of them were friends, (let alone acquaintances), but we were seriously mistaken.

Let's review the facts: Jenna called Ian for help after she learned that the little liars had incriminating evidence against them. Ian offered to take care of it and their conversation made it seem like they talk a lot, or have at least known each other for a while. Then comes the biggest twist: Jenna and Garrett are dating! So much for him being there for the little liars like he told Emily (Shay Mitchell).

We’re skeptical of these creepy characters and their weird relationships (who wouldn't be?). PLL Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick confirmed our suspicion when he told TVLine, “There’s definitely more to that story. You’ll find out there’s a history to these people [Ian, Garrett and Jenna] and they go back a long way. They’re not new to Rosewood and their history with Alison is checkered, so because of that they all might know each other.”

How do you think these three characters know each other? And will the little liars figure out that they’ve teamed up to hurt them? Hopefully, or else they'll be in for some serious trouble.

Source: TVLine


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