Which Rosewood Residents Will Be Sent to Therapy on PLL?
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Pretty Little Liars

Which Rosewood Residents Will Be Sent to Therapy on PLL?

To say that the little liars have been through a lot would be the understatement of the year. After the season finale in which Ian fell off the bell tower after attacking Spencer, we'd be surprised if the liars could carry on their living in Rosewood without some kind of therapy. But it's not their choice to go. Even though they’re the victims in the murder mess, people assume they have a lying problem and need help.

Pretty Little Liars Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick told TVLine, “As a result of what happens in the finale, the girls’ status in Rosewood becomes very precarious, very shaky. If they weren’t thought of as liars before, they will certainly be thought of as that when we start the second season. They’ll be sent to a therapist who has some strong ideas about when these girls should interact again, if at all."

Oh no, will the girls be separated? That’s what “A” wants to happen, but we don’t think it will last long. Nothing can stop the girls from being best friends and they need to interact in order for the show to exist. Evidence will eventually work in their favor. However until then, the girls will face obstacles since so many people are against them.

Source: TVLine


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