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The Vampire Diaries

4 Things to Do If You’re Not at EyeCon This Weekend

Normally during the Spring Break season, our envious thoughts turn to Miami or Cancun, but this year there’s only one southerly destination that’s on our minds: Atlanta. JIC you somehow missed the news, a ginormous Vampire Diaries convention called EyeCon is going on there this weekend, complete with appearances by Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Paul Wesley (Stefan), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy), and Michael Trevino (Tyler) . The jam-packed schedule of events includes Q&A with those fine dudes, a Carnival of Terror, and a Mystic Masquerade Ball.

So yeah, if you weren’t already bummed that you’re missing it, sorry for bringing you down. Misery loves company, though, and we’re equally dejected about being unable to make it. However, instead of wallowing, we’ve come up with a list of things to do that will be (almost) as much as attending the Con itself.

1. You masked for it: Host your own masquerade ball. Short notice, yes, but really, all you need is a mask. Click through the pics of the latest Mystic Falls masked soiree for inspiration, follow our mask-making instructions, text some friends, bake some vampire cupcakes, and get out of those sweats you’ve been wearing since TVD went into hiatus. Seriously, we’re getting worried about you. So have a ball… just don’t invite any mysterious strangers in. That’s the kiss of death.

2. Go natural: Where does all the MF action take place? In the great, misty, dark outdoors, of course! So go into the woods, look for some vervain, and soak up the spring. And hey, getting active in the fresh air will help get in shape. For more inspiration, see our shirtless Michael Trevino video, Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola’s bikini bod photos, and, always refreshing, Damon’s famous bathtub scene.

3. Become a Klaus-et case: Who is this man of mystery who wants Elena — in a totally different way than Stefan and Damon do? We’ve got some theories as to what spawned this evil, and if he has the elder Salvatore brother shaking in his fine Italian shoes, you know he’s bad news bears. But everyone, Candice included, is keeping pretty mum on the O.V.’s deets, so get to know the hottie who plays him, Joseph Morgan, instead. Judge his ability to terrify based on his tweets, and check out his performance in Ben Hur to see how fine he looks in old, old, old tyme garb.

4. Follow Friday (and Saturday and Sunday): Absolutely must Twitter stalk the lucky ones at EyeCon? Us too. We’ll be following everything under the hashtag #TVDEyecon and checking out the cool photos and inside scoop from these peeps:


03.26.2011 / 04:58 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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