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America's Next Top Model

Adrianne Curry Takes Credit for Success of ANTM

The very first winner of ANTM took home the title way back in 2003, and she has since done Playboy, starred in two seasons of The Surreal Life, and, of course, married a Brady. A pretty decent improvement for a girl who first auditioned for ANTM at the age of 20 with just a few months of sobriety from a crippling heroin addiction under her belt.

But, Adrianne Curry, Cycle 1 winner, isn't shy about admitting the ugly truth behind America's Next Top Model, or throwing in some salty digs at Tyra. She sounded off on the real reason she thinks ANTM has been so successful, and it has nothing to do with its uplifting message about the diversity of beauty. Quite the opposite, actually. Adrianne chalks up the show's popularity to its harsh criticisms of the girls: "Our culture is fascinated with building people up and tearing them down," she tells The Frisky. "Especially beautiful people."

Now, Curry is the first to admit she isn't a huge ANTM fan, and hasn't watched any of the cycles, aside from a couple of episodes from her own, but, she still insists that she's part of the reason the show has lived on so long.

"As each year passed, and more and more seasons were pumped out, I began to realize that I had helped start something big," she says. "No matter how much [Tyra] likes to pretend I was never on the show — I was and always will be the first." Yikes! Do we detect a hint of animosity between Tyra and her first Top Model?

Do you think Adrianne is biting the hand that feeds a little bit, here, or are her criticisms of the show fair?

Source: The Frisky

03.26.2011 / 01:54 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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