American Idol Judges: 8 Degrees of Separation
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American Idol

American Idol Judges: 8 Degrees of Separation

Have you heard that old wives’ tale about the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? It claims that we’re all connected somehow to The Bacon himself, since he once claimed he’s worked with everyone in Hollywood. It’s a humorous take on the 6 Degrees of Separation, which says any two people can be linked back to each other by 6 people or fewer. So over here at Wetpaint, we’re putting the judges of American Idol to the test. And guess what! They’re all connected by 8 degrees. And hey, between three people, that totally means this logic just might be right! So, how is the Season 10 trio linked up, you ask? Let’s break it down...

1. Randy Jackson sat alongside former Idol judge Paula Abdul from Seasons 1–7 (yes, many a year of passionately confusing commentary and many a sequined outfit).

2. Dance queen Paula Abdul, who once reigned early ‘90s pop music videos, had many back-up dancers along the way, one of which was a guy by the name of Adam Shankman.

3. Adam Shankman went on to become the director of The Wedding Planner!

4. As we all know, Jennifer Lopez starred in The Wedding Planner, the perfect movie for a rainy night with the girls.

5. If you can remember this far back: J.Lo once dated Ben Affleck. The couple was affectionately referred to as “Bennifer.” They were kind of a big deal.

6. Ben Affleck starred in that little action movie from 1998, Armageddon, alongside... Liv Tyler!
And we all know who Liv Tyler’s dad is. That’s right: Steven Tyler.

7. Steven Tyler performed in Aerosmith with N’Sync at the Superbowl XXXV Halftime Show. (The all-star event where Britney Spears, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige all sang “Walk This Way”...)

8. And rounding it all back to complete the circle, N’Sync recorded and toured with none other than Randy (Yo Dawg!) Jackson.

Kinda awesome, and kinda eerie! Maybe Kevin Bacon was right after all. One thing’s for sure, American Idol finally has the right triangle of judges.

03.26.2011 / 01:39 AM EDT by Kim Hoffman
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