Shonda Rhimes Says Callie and Arizona are Made for Each Other
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Grey's Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes Says Callie and Arizona are Made for Each Other

Have you recovered yet from the gut-wrenching episode of Grey's Anatomy in which Calzona got in a car accident? Us either. But we're loving the super-serious turn Calzona's relationship has taken, and Shonda Rhimes assures us they will eventually find themselves in the same shiny, happy relationship place in which MerDer reside. But, of course, this is Grey's, so there's going to be tons of turmoil between now and then.

Ultimately, says Shonda Rhimes, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are "MFEO... made for each other."

And, while Mark may stand between the two a little bit right now (not necessarily in the romantic sense, just in the unplanned baby-daddy sense), his and Arizona's tension in the tri-parenting tournament will be a huge part of next week's musical episode. Teases Rhimes, "All of the issues that fans have been feeling — that we've been feeling — about the fact that this is not Arizona's dream to have a baby with Mark Sloan, and this is not necessarily the way that she wanted any of this to happen, is going to come to a head and be a big part of the [musical episode]."

Needless to say, we really really really hope that the issue "coming to a head" doesn't mean Callie's going to lose the baby.

Source: TV Guide


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