Source: Therapy Is Working for Taylor and Russell Armstrong
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Source: Therapy Is Working for Taylor and Russell Armstrong

There was a lot of speculation during Season 1 about the strength of Taylor Armstrong’s marriage to her stoic husband Russell. We watched in silent sympathy when Taylor told Kyle all about her failing, sad excuse for a partnership.

But we’ve got good news! RadarOnline is reporting the couple are officially in therapy trying to work it out. We’re pretty sure Adrienne Maloof told the entire audience of The Wendy Williams Show this when her and Tay were guests, but that was a few months ago, and this source says they’re not just doing it — it’s working. “Dr. Sophy [their therapist] has provided the couple with a great deal of guidance, and they genuinely do seem to be working through their issues,” the source dishes. “...Russell wants to work to improve the marriage, it just isn't Taylor, which is a very, very good sign for the future of their marriage."

The source also says the couple were introduced to their doctor, Dr. Sophy, through Adrienne (surprise!), and that while the couple sometimes meets with the therapist together, they also often meet separately. Also, the source says some of Taylor’s soul-searching sessions will be seen during Season 2. (See! There is so a Season 2!)

By the way, if anybody was wondering what happened when Taylor’s daughter Kennedy had to give away her dog, Snowball, whom she was allergic to (a dog which Russell bought behind Taylor’s back, and which caused a huge rift in their marriage), you can rest easy. The source says Kennedy has a new dog that doesn’t make her skin break out in hives, and she “loves having a puppy in the house.” Looks like things are looking up for all the Armstrongs.

Source: RadarOnline