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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Spin-Off Update: Which Ones Are Coming Soon?

Co-creator of Jersey Shore, SallyAnn Salsano, is currently working on Pauly D's spin-off, following him as he DJs around the country with his posse, and JWOWW and Snooki's spin-off, following their life together as roommates post-Jersey Shore. Neither show has been green-lit yet, but she dishes a few deets on what we can expect if either show gets picked up.

She starts out by assuring fans the spin-offs won't be some cheesy Jersey Shore knock-off. "If you’re a fan of the Shore you’ll still like them, but they don’t feel like rip-offs," she says. Pauly's cast includes his road team, made up of his manager and head of security, both of whom have been with him since before Jersey Shore. Salsano compares it to a guido version of The Hangover. "You know when you watch a bunch of guys who’ve known each other forever razz on each other? Like in The Hangover? That’s what they’re like all the time," she dishes.

As for Snooki and JWOWW? Well, you can expect the pressures of adulthood to affect Snooki in especially Snooki-esque ways, for example, the confusing and arduous tasks of paying a bill or buying toilet paper. Says Salsano, who has affectionately nicknamed the show Snooki and JWOWW Save the World, "Things that seem normal to you and I are completely foreign to Snooks. The two of them alone is completely hysterical. They have a Laverne & Shirley kind of thing." We tend to prefer the comparison of "The Lucy and Ethel of Seaside," but, Laverne and Shirley seem just as good.

Are you excited for the spin-offs or just sad to know that Jersey Shore is swiftly coming to an end?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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