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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: Will Bailey and Eli Ever Make It Official on Grey’s Anatomy?

Don't get us wrong — we think it's high time Bailey (Chandra Wilson) enjoyed all the perks that come with a hospital fling. But, many fans are wondering whether something real will transpire between her and Nurse Eli (Daniel Sunjata) before this season of Grey's Anatomy is out. The couple will sing together in the musical episode later this week (March 31, 2011), but, Chandra tells TV Guide the fling probably won't ever reach "relationship" status, at least, not on Bailey's end.

"This whole season, it's been about getting on with it so that we weren't just mourning after the shooting," Chandra says. "So, she let herself begin to try some new things. That's not necessarily the 'new Bailey' but it was just enough mourning. I don't even think she's in a place where she's calling it a relationship."

Ah, the age old remedy of sexytime. Is there any better way to dull grief or move past crippling trauma? Nope. Just ask Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd). Okay, fine, Eli might just be a crutch to move past the shooting, but let's be serious, if the series ends with Bailey being single, we're going to be very disappointed.

Source: TV Guide


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