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The Bachelor

Tenley Is Moving to San Diego to Be Closer to Kiptyn

Move over New York, L.A., and even Dallas. San Diego is becoming the Bachelor/Bachelorette capital of the world.

Tenley Is Moving to San Diego to Be Closer to Kiptyn
Credit: Courtesy of Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited    

Season 6 Bachelorette couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez recently moved into an apartment in San Diego, and Bachelor Pad runner-up Kiptyn Locke has lived there for years. Now Kiptyn’s girlfriend, fellow Bachelor Pad runner-up Tenley Molzahn, is making the move to join him.

"I'm not quite ready to move in together,” Tenley told RadarOnline, “but I'm leaving Orange County to live in San Diego so we can be less than a 10-minute drive from each other. We're both really lucky to have come through this experience and we hope our success will make those doing the shows in the future to be optimistic."

Yay! And we can give a lot of credit to Bachelor Pad for bringing them — and keeping them — together. "We were still friends when the kissing contest happened,” Kiptyn told RadarOnline, “but when I saw her with the other guys I thought wow maybe she's not so innocent, because she was going after it."

When the show was over, they just got closer. “After we shot the Bachelor Pad we had to hide out, we were told to stay out of the limelight so we wouldn't give away what happened on the show,” Kiptyn said. "Following those rules just secured our relationship because we spent so much time alone together. We are both very serious about our future so we're moving closer to each other."

Read the full story for more from Kip-Ten. Good luck, guys!