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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer Make Up

It’s no lie that Kyle Richards’ and Camille Grammer’s cat fights were an integral part of Season 1. Without all the name-calling (‘pernicious’ is still a favorite), followed by the drunken makeups, the series would’ve been seriously lacking an arc. (Is that even a requirement for reality TV?)

Anyway, it looks like the girls have finally buried the hatchet for realsies. Four of the 90210 ladies were spotted at Perez Hilton’s ‘Blue Ball’ Birthday Bash on March 26 — all dolled up in blue dresses, naturally — and getting along famously. Sources say the foursome were noshing on the food, downing cocktails together and chatting like besties, no problem. (Although we do wonder if the cocktails had something to do with this. We’ve learned when it comes to Kyle and Camille, the higher their BAC, the sweeter they act toward each other. Unless Faye Resnick or Allison DuBois are involved, of course.)

This is good news for the girls, obvi, but is it good news for a potential Season 2? Only time (and sobriety) will tell.

Source: Hollywood Life