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Top 5 Nerdy Nathan Moments From Season 3, Episode 19: “Law & Murder”

After taking a reprieve for a few episodes, Castle’s nerd tendencies were running around with wild abandon last night, like unsupervised children on a playground. You know the nerdiness is permeating when Ryan quotes Shakespeare during an apartment sweep, and Esposito calls him out for trying to sound like Castle. Here are five of the nerdier moments from “Law & Murder.”

5. Can’t it always be like Henry Fonda?

When for a moment it seemed like murdered juror Joe McUsic was both the victim and the killer in this story, Castle wondered if his motives for joining the jury were rooted in good conscience: “Maybe he wanted to create reasonable doubt in the deliberation room to get Otis off, just like Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men!” Yeah. Maybe.

4. Don’t steal my narrative arc, ‘k?

When you’re getting anxious about your writer friends swiping a plot from you, you might be a nerd. After realizing the case of a juror killed during a murder trial sounded like a future bestseller, Castle texted his poker group to call dibs on the story. If we remember correctly, however, James Patterson is in this group. That guy probably had five chapters completed already.

3. Of course Castle has a magnifying app.

Did anyone else giggle when Castle used his phone to spot Joe McUsic in the photo of Lyla Addison’s murder scene? Though perfectly handy, the actual, er, application of the app was marvelously geeky. The only thing that would have made it better is if he contorted the phone to fit his eye like a monocle.

2. When Castle and Alexis fight, George Orwell’s name comes up.

It was upsetting to see these two argue over something as silly as a GPS tracking device, but that’s what happens when you’re using said device to keep tabs on your daughter’s whereabouts. Obviously, when Alexis was in Williamsburg instead of the West Village, she was doing something completely responsible and paying for items her friends stole in an obligatory teenage shoplifting dare. But before this came to light, she and Castle got into it about privacy. Alexis yelled, “Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984 with my father as Big Brother!” Adorable nerds breed adorable nerds. That much we learned in science class.

1. Forbidden Planet, perfectly permissible love.

References to this Leslie Nielsen sci-fi film were weaved in throughout the episode, but we were happy that it all ended with Beckett nerding out over its cinematic influence, a move that had Castle swooning. We were even more excited to find out that the film was inspired by The Tempest. Why? Because now this article opens and closes with Willy Shakes. We know... nerd!

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