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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Wetpaint Exclusive! Renee Olstead Chats About Madison’s Plans

Who’s dying to know what happens between Madison and Jack this season on Secret Life of the American Teenager?! If you raised your hand, check out Wetpaint’s exclusive interview with Secret Life’s very own super-starlet Renee Olstead about the upcoming season of our fave show. Renee may play a trouble maker on-screen, but in real life, this gal’s sweet as pie! Renee dished on her bestie Camille Winbush, what it’s like to kiss Greg Finley and whether she'll sing again on the show!

Wetpaint: Did anything exciting happen to Madison during her summer at the food court?

Renee Olstead: Yes, actually Madison did have a very interesting summer. She gets a little bit confused about what she wants, actually. Madison ends up in a very interesting, empowered position. Madison’s definitely come up in the world I think.

Madison and Jack haven’t seen each other all summer, will it affect their relationship?

Well, I’ll just say that Madison ends up with the ball in her court, I think. Madison ends up kind of calling the shots for a little bit … she’s definitely being a little bit of a bad girl!

Some people think Jack and Grace are totally destined. What’s your opinion?

I do think that Jack and Grace have a lot of history, and I don’t know what the writers have in store, but I would guess that ultimately they are destined to be together. But I do think that Madison’s definitely got Jack’s full attention for the next little while.

Will Madison and Grace get past their jealousy and become besties?

I don’t see that ever happening. I think that Madison and Grace will always be at odds. I think it’s great the dialogue that they write, and how they’re always taking shots at each other, subtly and not too subtly -- which couldn’t be more opposite of the way I feel about Megan, I think she’s so wonderful. I was supposed to have lunch with her yesterday, Jesus what happened? But yeah, she’s wonderful. But of course Madison and Grace don’t get along too well.

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It’s senior year! What are Madison’s post-graduation plans?

I’m not sure. I think that the story really has everything to do with our cast and Grant High school. I think that the dynamic of Francia and Shai having characters that both have kids now and that are so interwoven in each others lives, I think that the story’s definitely going to evolve and grow to a different dynamic I think.

Madison’s sort of a lovable ditz. Will she inadvertently stir up trouble this season?

I think that Madison always has the best of intentions and I know that she’s not always everyone’s favorite character. It’s so funny too, because it’s so interesting to read what the fans write. They so closely think that a lot of people portraying the characters actually would have those characteristics in their personal lives. But I would say that yeah, I think that she definitely is going to find herself in some tricky situations and definitely makes a few mistakes, especially in season 4.

Season 4 is currently filming! We’re so excited, can you tell us anything about what’s going to happen?

Madison may start to go back to her over-analyzing ways and her scheming. I think Madison’s always been kind of famous for scheming and coming up with plans.

What’s it like to kiss Greg Finley?!

Ah, Greg Finley. He is a cutie. I always go for tall guys, and he’s a tall guy. I always have to be on my tip toes. What’s it like to kiss him? I would say tall because I always have to stand on my tip-toes!

Are you Team Badrian or Team Bamy?

There’s a lot of really endearing moments I think between Adrian and Ben. I think people will start to see them as a couple. I think you’re really going to see them step up to the plate and you’re going to see the sort of stuff that people only thought they’d ever see with Amy. A lot of really great sincere moments between the two of them.

Who are you the closest to of your Secret Life cast mates?

Camille. Even at work, we just open the door between our trailers and sit across from each other on our mac books and eat snacks. I don’t know, we’re insanely close. We actually used to have a ritual where we would just order a pizza and watch Secret Life every week, and also Top Model, that was our other show … Camille and I have been best friends for like 10 years. Not a lot of people know that, but I was on a show called Still Standing and she was on Bernie Mac, and we worked on the same lot for like five years and we became really close friends during that time. So literally the day that she found out she had booked this project, I found out that I’d booked a project, and it was an untitled project, so we weren’t sure for a little bit until we actually kind of went over what we were doing if we would even ever see each other on set. But then we ended up finding out that we were going to be working together, and she was literally coming over to my house the day that she booked it and we had a conversation about it.

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Will we get a chance to hear Madison sing again? Maybe at another wedding?

I don’t know. Not so far, but I would love to. I love singing and I obviously do a lot of that while I’m not on set, so I would love to sing again on the show, but as of yet, not yet.

We’ve all heard your amazing voice, are you recording a new album anytime soon?

I definitely have some stuff in the works. I just recently left my record label because they were trying to sign me to this horrible deal. So I cut ties with them and I’m going to start recording things and it’s great because now I have the artistic freedom to completely be who I am versus being who I am with certain songs pitched for me and things like that. It’s going to be really exciting. It’s getting ready to start going into the works.

What’s your biggest passion, acting or singing?

I’ve been so lucky to do both. It’s like trying to pick a favorite arm. I’ve been so lucky and I love both. I love singing and I love the cast. I love acting and I love being someone else for a couple hours a day. It’s just fun to just kind of play pretend and imagine what it’s like to be someone else!

Do you have any other acting projects in the works?

Right now I’m pretty much consumed with Secret Life because we’re working on a new season. But I do have some people that I’m meeting with about some movies over the next couple weeks to potentially become involved with.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I think I would go back to Sanremo, which is in Italy. It’s right by the south of France and it’s this incredible Italian town. It’s right over by where they filmed Casino Royale, so they have these crazy big old school casinos that you get dressed up to go into and they also have just kind of quiet, quaint, amazing Italian restaurants. And its just beautiful and the people are wonderful. And I want to speak Italian, I would love to speak Italian. I guess that’d be kind of a necessity to live there.

Do you have a special message for your fans here at Wetpaint?

I would say thank you so much for the amount of attention they’ve given me. I know Madison isn’t a huge character, so I always appreciate the attention. And also for listening to my music, and to follow me on Twitter, cause I’m a big Twitter-er!

Stay tuned later this week when Renee describes a typical day on the Secret Life set!

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