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Wetpaint Exclusive! Sofia Black-D’Elia Dishes on Season 2 and Being Besties With the Cast

Let’s hear it for the girl! We were totally psyched to talk with Skins superstar Sofia Black D'Elia (Tea), so when we heard she had a raging cold, we were of two minds: 1) poor girl — she should totally rest up. And 2) does this mean we’ll have to wait to get our straight-from-the-source Skins fix!? Gasp! But she earned our undying loyalty by chatting like a champ despite totally losing her voice. Read on for the vital details on Season 2 and what she wants for Tea if the show does come back (which it better!).

Wetpaint: Hi Sofia! How are you doing?

Sofia Black D’Elia: Hi. I'm okay.

It sounds like you've got a bit of a cold.

I do, yeah. Sorry.

No, don’t be sorry — thanks for speaking with us anyway!

Of course.

First off, congrats on an excellent season.

Thank you very much.

And we really enjoyed the finale! What did you think about it?

Aww... it's my favorite episode of the bunch, by far. It was nice to do able to watch it with the cast — yeah, it was bittersweet at the end.

Speaking of bittersweet, we're dying to know if you'll be back for Season 2.

We hope so! That's all we can say at this point because we don't know. But we hope so!

Well we hope so too. Speaking of the finale, what did you think of Tea ending up with Betty?

Um... I think she that that's what's right with her... but I think that maybe she shouldn't have ended up with anyone? Because she's so confused by her emotions but physically she knows that the only person she's drawn to right now is Betty. If there is a Season 2, I think that Tea will have to find someone new.

We were just about to ask: If there is a Season 2, what do you want for her?

If there is a Season 2, I want Tea to work more on her family issues and being honest with herself than being with someone.

Skins has attracted some major controversy and you've emerged as the cast spokesperson. Could you tell us more about why you've taken on that role?

It actually just appears that way but in reality, I did a couple of interviews at the same time as everyone else and the people that I did interviews with held them until a lot of the controversy hit and then released the interviews that they had.

Oh sneaky. Speaking of press, you and Tea have gotten a lot of attention from the gay press, like the super awesome Do you feel any pressure to tell the story for that community?

I hate to say it but in a way their criticisms mean more to me because... well, I love Heather Hogan from After Ellen and I love her writing and what she thinks and how she feels about the storyline and the character. Going into it, I did feel some sense of responsibility and when I feel like I'm upholding that, yeah, it means a lot to me. Also, I think that, in a way, Bryan [Elseley] has a bit more of a responsibility than I do. We're all just actors and all we can do is do the best we can with what's given to us.

Absolutely, that makes sense. Did the Tony storyline surprise you?

It didn’t really me surprise me because I had known about it since the beginning of August. Bryan sat James and I down in a room in the beginning of August and told us what was going on. At first it surprised me a bit but the way that Bryan explained it made complete sense to me. That’s just what happens when you talk to that guy — he can convince you that the sky was green. I didn’t question it at all, though it was a bit surprising to me because Tea originally was much different but it made total sense and it still does.

How was she originally different?

Well, originally, because she was a new character, she wasn’t really figured out. Tea wasn’t this complete character yet. We really didn’t know where she was going to go and who she was going to be. In the pilot, I think at that point she was just the female version of Maxxie. And after the pilot, before we got picked up for Season 1, she was really created and then when we came back, she was an entirely different character.

What’s the coolest thing that’s happened since this whole thing started?

Filming. I have yet to stumble across an experience that made me happier.

What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened?

I don’t know. Maybe it hasn’t happened yet.

We’ve heard the cast is really tight. Is that true or is it a dirty, rotten lie?

We know people must be skeptical like “of course they’re going to say that they’re close” but in reality, we could not be closer. We’re best friends.

That’s awesome. Which member of the cast are you most likely to ask for advice?

(Laughing) Camille [Cresencia-Mills], probably. I feel like Camille and I ask each other for advice a lot but it’s never really good because we think exactly the same way so I could have just asked myself.

Which member of the cast do you call when you need to be cheered up?

Probably James [Newman].

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