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American Idol

How Many Times Had The American Idol ‘Save’ Been Used Before Casey Abrams?

Last week’s American Idol results show stunned everyone. No one expected Casey Abrams to end up in the bottom three, much less be eliminated. And then when the word came from the judging table that he would be spared. Talk about drama… We don’t blame Casey from almost having a fit right there on the stage!

But while elimination ‘saves’ certainly make for good television, we can’t help but wonder whether Casey will actually be able to overcome such a voter deficit to seriously compete this season. There’s no doubt that he’s a judge favorite, but Idol winners aren’t voted in by the judges…

Casey’s save is, in fact, only the third time in Idol history that a contestant has been snatched back from elimination by judges. That’s the good news where Casey is concerned. The bad news is that neither of these previously saved contestants went on to win. Season 8’s Matt Giraud was able to hang on for only one more week before being voted off again. Michael Lynche, of Season 9, held on for slightly longer after being saved by judges but still couldn’t bring it on home.

So even though the judges love Casey, if past seasons tell us anything the voters may have already made up their minds. Whatever happens, Casey will surely go down in Idol history for providing one of the show’s most exciting episodes ever. We’re pulling for you, Casey!

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03.30.2011 / 02:50 AM EDT by David Connell
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