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Grey's Anatomy

The 10 Oddest Couples in Grey’s Anatomy History

There are Grey's Anatomy power couples: Meredith & Derek, Owen Hunt & Cristina, Callie & Arizona; and then there are the couples that are better left forgotten. But hey, let's throw caution to the wind and remember them anyway, just for funsies. Here are the downright strangest couplings, even including those that never left the ground.

10. Mark and Teddy
All we really remember from this brief fling is the term "mind-blowing sex." Sounds like a blast, and more power to them, but they both could probably do better.

9. April and Stark
It wasn't until this past episode that we actually bought and enjoyed these two as a couple. But still, it's odd. April is sweet. Stark is snippy. She's inexperienced in love. He's an old hat. She's free-flowing. He's dead-set on his dinner reservations. She's young. He's... less young. But it seems like we won't see how they could have reconciled these differences.

8. Meredith and Finn
Okay, the so-called McVet was a good guy. And he helped little animals. And he was easy on the eyes. But c'mon. He didn't really have that spark with Meredith that Derek had. Were we ever supposed to believe that she would choose Finn over Derek? Because if that's what Shonda & Co. were trying to sell, we weren't buying.

7. Jackson and Cristina
Jackson had it bad for Cristina. And she even gave him the time of day when she pressed her lips against his for a hot second. But she came to her senses, realized she wanted Owen more, and both of them went along on their merry way.

6. Alex and Addison
Season 3 dealt with an AAA love triangle — Addison, Alex, and Ava. And unfortunately, Addison was the weakest link. Despite some mutual attraction, a whole lot of eye-sex, and a little bit of legit sex, Alex realized belatedly that he was only interested in Ava. But that's what sent Addison to L.A. and to a whole new life, so it wasn't a total loss.

5. Derek and Rose
Rose is what we call a speed bump. Maybe Derek just needed a dalliance. A palette-cleanser, in the words of Mark Sloan. But let's be real. She was never gonna last. You can't just come between star-crossed lovers and expect to win. And Rose, there are more graceful exits than slicing your ex's hand with a scalpel.

4. Callie and Alex
Nuh-uh! Cheating! This pairing is a classic example of retroactive continuity. All of a sudden, we're supposed to believe that Alex and Callie hooked up because it serves the storyline of the flashback episode? Even though there have been no other allusions to attraction between the two prior or since? Nuh-uh.

3. Derek and Lexie
Oh, thank the television gods that this relationship didn't move past the flirting-at-the-bar stage. That would have been gross on so many levels. She's Little Grey. He was in love with her big sis. Icky icky icky.

2. Meredith and George
Cringe. We cannot think of this pairing without feeling creeped out because of the hook-up misfire. And that's too bad, because we liked George and all the puppy love he had for Meredith. But maybe a sexual catastrophe is what he needed to move on. We just wish we didn't have to be present for it.

1. Izzie and George
We probably all were curious to see this relationship happen, and then once it did, we all wanted it to stop! Why? How? What was so disastrously wrong with them as a couple? Was it a total lack of chemistry? Was it a bizarre execution of romance? To say the least, something didn't click, and the relationship known as Gizzie will forever live in television infamy.


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