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Vote Now! Do You Want Kurt to Return to New Directions?

Chris Colfer spilled a major spoiler during the Glee PaleyFest panel on March 16. If you don’t want to know what it is, now is the time to move along to our other fabulous content.

So here’s the scoop: Kurt is transferring back to McKinley, where he will rejoin New Directions. For us, this revelation is akin to The Beatles getting back together. But how do you feel about it?

At first, we were crestfallen when Kurt left New Directions behind — and it’s certainly been weird to not have him interact much with his old cohorts, like Rachel (Lea Michele) and Mercedes (Amber Riley). But Dalton Academy has provided some high points for Kurt, not the least of which are those adorable uniforms!

The biggest potential dilemma with Kurt heading back to McKinley is what happens to Klaine. There has been talk about Blaine (Darren Criss) attending prom with Kurt, and some fans have speculated that he may enroll in McKinley too. (But would that really happen, given that Blaine is such a fixture at Dalton?) Basically, anything that keeps these two apart is not okay in our books. Plus, it’s not like McKinley is suddenly bully-free.

So now is your time to vote! Are you tickled pink that Kurt and Rachel will be back to bickering, or will you miss Kurt’s participation in those fabulous Warblers numbers?

03.30.2011 / 11:28 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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