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Who Should Play the Heat Wave Version of Castle? Six Casting Ideas for Jameson Rook

Earlier this season, Laura Prepon guest-starred as Natalie Rhodes, the actress playing Nikki Heat in the film adaptation of Castle’s novel Heat Wave. Natalie shadowed Beckett to get into character, and it was hilariously creeptastic. And in the upcoming episode ‘To Love and Die in L.A.,’ we’ll meet the Heat Wave actors playing Ryan and Esposito.

So that got thinking: Who could play Jameson Rook, the male protagonist in the film adaptation? More importantly, who would make the best cameo as an actor portraying a writer based on Castle? We’ve got a few ideas.

1. James Franco

It’s time for James to shake the Oscars off and head on over to Castle, because we still believe in him. In addition to his impressive acting credentials, James published a book of short stories and is pursuing a Ph.D. in English at Yale. So, yeah… writer. And the thing is, given his recent General Hospital stint, he might actually consider it.

2. James Marsden

We think this James might work because of his good looks, his humor and his ever-so-slight smarm factor. (If it’s possible to mean that last part in a good way, we do.) Jameson Rook isn’t exactly Prince Charming, and that combination might be the most potent.

3. David Boreanez

This would be weird ‘cause David Boreanez is on Bones and all, but that’s also why it could be epic, like an anti-crossover crossover. He and Nathan Fillion seem like they would have great chemistry, but we could also see them being super competitive.

4. Luke Perry

If 2011 Luke Perry isn’t available, we’re fine with 1993 Luke Perry filling in for him.

5. Matthew Fox

Lost schmost. We’re still not over Matthew Fox circa Party of Five. It might be fun to see the actor do something a little light and campy. Or he could be dead serious about it, which would also be funny. Either way.

6. Christian Slater

If this were a list of colleges we were applying to, Christian Slater is our “reach” school. It might be asking a lot, but the New York City actor would make the perfect New York City actor trying to embody a wisecrack-y New York City writer. The distinctive voice, the weird charm, the criminal record — it’s just so perfect.

Who do you think should play the actor portraying Jameson Rook? Post your casting ideas on our Facebook page!

03.30.2011 / 11:20 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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