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Grey's Anatomy

Why Did Grey’s Anatomy Recycle a MerDer Shot?

With a sharply trained eye, Grey's Anatomy fans, you may have caught that, in the montage at the end of last week's episode, the shot of MerDer snuggling up under the covers looked a little familiar. It turns out that's because Shonda Rhimes recycled the clip from an earlier episode. Cue fan outrage. Did she think we wouldn't notice?! We're insulted. But worry not, fans. Shonda assures us she'd never recycle a story.

First of all, Shonda defends to TV Line, "It was not a love scene, it was a shot." Apparently, the episode desperately needed a closing MerDer moment, but Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) were unavailable to show up on an unscheduled shoot day to get the extra footage. So, instead of making them jump through hoops to get back on set, Shonda let them off the hook and recycled a quick clip.

"It’s something we’ve done before," Rhimes insists. "We’ve used the shot of Derek standing on the catwalk from the pilot like 700 times. It was just a shot. I would never recycle an entire scene. [But] I love that the fans are so invested in the show that they noticed. After seven seasons I take that as a true compliment that they got outraged."

What does she expect?! Shonda knows fans better than that. But we'll let it slide. And if she's ever feeling the urge to reuse the shirtless Jackson shot in a montage sequence, by all means...

Source: TV Line


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