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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Exclusive! Francia Raisa Gets Personal With Wetpaint!

How much did you love part one of Francia Raisa’s exclusive interview with Wetpaint? Now you can check out the rest of what Secret Life’s baby mama-to-be said about her love life, her pet peeves and what’s next for her career! Plus, she gave us a special message for all her fans!

Wetpaint: We've been noticing some pretty sad and cryptic tweets from you, for example, “Until your heart heals you need to be with the one person that will not break your heart........ YOURSELF! !” The fans are concerned. Is everyone OK?

Francia Raisa: Yes, everyone is okay! You know, people get their heart broken, even us sometimes. I recently had a heartbreak, but you know what? It’s OK, it was for the best. It was a mutual decision, and it was because I hadn’t healed my heart first. Like I said, before you give it away, you need to heal yourself. That’s how you find your identity.

You've already starred in a few hit movies, anything currently in the works?

Yes, there definitely is and I’m not allowed to talk about them yet! You’ll see me in other stuff, other than Secret Life.

We've seen great videos of you dancing, how often do you get to practice and what's your favorite style?

My favorite style is hip hop. I’ve trained in everything from ballet to tap and jazz and Polynesian, but hip hop has been my focus and I try to go at least twice a week. I haven’t been really good lately, but I’ve been dancing for almost 18 years now.

Is dancing how you keep your figure, or do you have special diet secrets?

I dance and I go to a trainer. I have a personal trainer, which is amazing ‘cause I was getting a little chunky there. I mean, I wasn’t filming at the time, it was around Christmas time and my mom slapped me in the stomach she goes, “Uh, you’re gaining weight." So I got a personal trainer and he makes me do a lot of cardio … and I do weight lifting. That’s how I stay in shape. As far as diet secrets go, I don’t really kill myself when I diet, I just make sure I eat semi-healthy. I do encourage people to eat semi-healthy: veggies, and cheese and salad and stuff. For Justin Bieber’s movie premiere, I barely eat that day because I was like, “I gotta fit into that dress!” I ate cheese and watermelon and a lot of water to keep myself from bloating!

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You just won a Gracie Award for Outstanding Female Rising Star in a Drama Series. Congratulations! Which actresses do you most admire?

I really look up to Jennifer Lopez because she has almost the same career path that I’m taking. Starting off as a dancer, then moving on as an actress and artist, that’s where I hope my career’s heading. She’s one of my inspirations because she’s Hispanic. [Also] Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek, because they’re Hispanic. It’s so tough for us out there, and they cross over that line. And Penelope has an Oscar under her belt, so I really look up to her for that. And I really do admire Angelina Jolie, she’s such an amazing actress and artist, and also an incredible human being who’s always trying to give back and go out of her way for people. I really admire that. I watched Secret Millionaire yesterday and I thought about her, and I was like, “II want to be that person!”

Do you do a lot of charity work yourself?

Yes, I try to get involved in charity as much as I can. My focus right now are teenagers with self-esteem issues. I was in the room with a bunch of little kids talking about it and I asked them to write 10 things they liked about themselves and a little girl wrote “nothing, nothing, nothing nothing.” So I took her a side and spoke to her about it. Right now, my focus is that.

What music are you currently listening to?

I listen to a lot of Spanish music and Spanish R & B lately. Lately, I’ve been going back in the day on Pandora and listening to the Boyz II Men station and old Mariah Carey.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve? God, I have so many! When people call you, and instead of being like, “Hey what’s up,” they go, “Where are you?” I’m like, “Does it matter? Is it relevant for what you need to talk to me about?” [And] I’m always late, probably 15 minutes late for the time I have to be there. Yet, when other people are late, I get so mad. I hate it! I hate it when people touch their ankle bones! It frustrates me! I was at Bikram yoga the other day she kept telling us to put our feet and toes together, and our ankles together, I was like “No!”

Is there any special message you’d like to give your fans at Wetpaint?

I definitely want to say thank you so much for supporting me and my career, and the show. I hope you guys enjoy the new season and I love you all so much. I hope to meet all of you one day and I hope they all know how grateful I am that I have their support. And thank you for getting me verified on Twitter!