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Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley Spends $500 a Week on Flowers Instead of Cocaine

Dancing With the Stars partners Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy were interviewed recently by On the Red Carpet. And if you haven't watched the video interview, you need to. It's hilarious. If they weren't drunk when they taped it, they should insist that they were.

Even if the pair doesn't win the show, they will at least have had a total blast on and off the dance floor. In the video, the reporter asks Kirstie what seems like an innocent question: What's something that's always in her dressing room? She answers "flowers." Not too surprising, but the story continues.

"I have flowers everywhere," she says. "It's a weird story. I used to be a coke head — a lot of cocaine — and when I stopped doing cocaine, I said I will spend the same amount of money on flowers, every week for the rest of my life as I do on cocaine. I did a lot of blow, so I spend like $500 bucks a week on flowers."

As Maks adds, "Now there's a rehab for flower addiction."

At least she's honest about it! She's also honest about what she was thinking when she gave Maks that now infamous kiss after their Week 2 Quickstep routine.

"I mean he's there, I'm there, it's like 'I think I'll kiss you,''' she says. "I don't know. I'm rarely in this position [tilts her body back] without kissing so it just seemed like the thing to do!"

We just love these two.

Source: On the Red Carpet

03.31.2011 / 11:51 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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