Six Secret Life Spoilers From Season 3, Episode 16: “Mirrors”
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Six Secret Life Spoilers From Season 3, Episode 16: “Mirrors”

Last week’s premiere, “Who Do You Trust?,” left us with a lot of questions and not enough answers! (One answer: definitely not Jack.) But it looks like Monday’s all-new season 3, episode 16 “Mirrors” will clear up a few things (and hopefully a few lingering STDs).

1. Amy meets Ricky’s mom for the first time and they are totally twinsies. We always knew Ricky had mommy issues, but dating a Nora-look alike? Thank goodness this guy has a good therapist. Nora’s crashing at Ricky’s place, but he doesn’t want her to stay (probs because she reminds him of the girl he’s trying to bang). He tries to use his custody agreement to get her to leave, but the mediator finds a loophole. What kind of mediator would allow an ex-con to live in an apartment with a baby?! Ricky’s desperate, so he asks his foster rentals to take in Nora.

2. Lauren is so over Jesse. Sure, he broke up with her in the lamest, most awkward way ever, but she’s totes better off! Lauren is relieved that she didn’t sleep with Jesse while they were together, because now she can cash in her v-card with a much more worthy recipient! Hmmm, who will the lucky guy be?

3. Ben asks Adrian to move in with him! Wait, does he mean into Leo and Betty’s house, or are they going to get their own place?! How great is it that Ben’s finally stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing — that is, if the right thing is two teenagers getting knocked up and playing house. The only problem is that Adrian flat-out rejects Ben’s offer. So does he take the hint and back off? Of course not! Instead, Ben asks Leo for permission to marry her.

4. Over at the Juergens,’ Anne is still playing the part of the absent parent. Does anyone have any idea where the heck she is? George has the burden of home-schooling Ashley, and he doesn’t think he can deal. But Anne’s got his back... over the phone.

5. Meanwhile, Grace and Grant chat about their lack of sex life. What else is new? Grant still wants Grace to get tested before they sleep together because she might have contracted Jack’s mystery STI, but Grace refuses! She’s so embarrassed by the whole sitch that she tries to skip school like some kind of grifter. Grace finally agrees to get tested after Grant declares that he loves her. Wow, he must be really desperate to see what’s under that cheerleading uniform.

6. We finally get to meet Madison’s new boy-toy! (Sorry, man-toy.) This dude is in his 20s, divorced and a father, so Madison’s parents obvi tell her she can’t date him. That never stopped her before!


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