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Rachel Thevenard Challenges Twitter Followers to A Rap Battle

Alright, we’ll admit it… We’re bumming pretty hard these days about the lack of Skins US on Monday nights. But it’s some comfort to know that the cast and crew have been expressing that they also miss working on their fave show. But one clever Skins US star found an inventive way to fight the non-Skins doldrums: Rachel Thevenard (Michelle) challenged her fans to a “Tweet rap battle.” She asked them to tweet one line of rhymes, which she then would answer… And while the results are, let’s face it, a little bit cheesy, it’s still pretty sweet that she thought to try it.

@rachelmct do you guys wanna collaborate?
@rachelmct let's rhyme. who wants to start? spit one line!
@NotStanleySKINS Rapping takes time. The game is hard. But it all depends how you play your cards.
@rachelmct @NotStanleySKINS I’ve got a royal flush here, no need to discard. I’ll burn up the whole deck just so your hand will be charred.
@mtv_skins I don't need cards to show you who's boss. If you don't read my tweet then it's your loss.
@rachelmct @mtv_skins I like your game, confidence is hard to come across. Now let's cook more rhymes and let the rest brew weaksauce.
@_TaylorMostDope If I had three wishes, one would be to meet you, the other for a millin dollars & a Skins season 2 !
@rachelmct @_TaylorMostDope Our wishes are the same, I hope they all come true. I wanna meet fans, get cash and make a dope show too!
@angiewestcott sittin in the car tweeting away, my girl Rachel greetin the day
@rachelmct @angiewestscott carpe diem baby, that’s what horace say, just don’t tweet and drive or they’ll take you away
@CandyBarr402 You betta take a second to accept defeat If you don't give up, I'll slam you in concrete.
@rachelmct @CandyBarr402 Violence isn’t cool, it’s not worth a retweet. But I know you’re just playing, so let’s let love follow suite
@DSwish_11 skins is the shit and thats what i said. If you dont agree then theres somethin wrong w/ your head lol
@rachelmct @DSwish_11 I can’t tell you what that means, you’re making me blush red. It's love like that makes creativity get fed
@rachelmct hahahahaha that was fun you guys rock. sorry my rhymes are so lame lol, its just for kicks :) gotta head out, let's do this again sometime!

Source: Twitter

04.2.2011 / 07:17 AM EDT by David Connell
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