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America's Next Top Model

ANTM’s Monique: Alexandria Everett Doesn’t Deserve to Be on ANTM More Than Me

We've seen our fair share of outbursts and bleeped out breakdowns on America's Next Top Model, but Cycle 16 contestant Monique was a constant stream of curses and confessional complaints. While her pictures weren't half-bad, her attitude wasn't stellar. She didn't stand out amongst the blonde bombshells that remain on ANTM, so she was sent packing. We chatted with Monique about reading Alexandria's diary and why she rolled her eyes when the judges mentioned Hannah's name. Get the juice here!

Wetpaint: Did you think you deserved to go home?

Monique: Absolutely not, but that's reality TV for you. I didn't think they had a really good excuse and it really pissed me off that Alexandria was acting up again and it didn't even get brought up at panel. I don't think she deserves to be there more than me.

What did you think you did wrong to end up getting eliminated?

I think that my little bitch fit attitude was probably the reason that I got kicked off the show. That's the only thing that I can really think of. I was really shocked because I thought that every photo shoot and challenge that we had that I was getting better and better.

What was stressing you out to make you have that kind of fit?

It all started with the whole punking in the beginning of the show. It threw us all off guard. We were always on a defense and we could be eliminated anytime. There was a lot of pressure and it kind of distracted me and made me on edge and nervous. The fact that they took my phone right away and I couldn't talk to my mom, mostly, is what really distracted me. I'm usually not homesick but it really bothered me not to be able to talk to my family.

Did you think the judges were fair?

I don't think they were fair [when they sent me home] at all. They could have judged Alexandria's picture a lot more and I feel like my photo was gorgeous so I don't think it was fair.

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You were making a face when they were praising Hannah at panel. What was that about?

I love Hannah and I think she looks like Taylor Swift — kind of normal — not that that's a bad thing, but I was irritated with her. I felt like I had all this going for me with my look and everything and I feel like I didn't really get to show everybody. When they were praising Hannah I was just like, "Come on, people!"

Did you say that Hannah looks "normal"?

Normal, like average. Just your basic blonde beauty. She's a pretty girl but I don't think she's Top Model material.

Tell us about your look. Have you always wanted to be seen as a "bombshell"?

I've been modeling since I was like 11 or 12 years old. I got let go from my agency when I was young and I was like, "What did I do?" When I went back, they told me I needed to lose weight. And I was like, "What the hell!" I'm a healthy weight and I'm 6 feet tall and 150 pounds, that's pretty good in my opinion. I just would love nothing more to be praised for being healthy instead of these stick figure models that are out there. So for me, being a bombshell, maybe like Gisele, it's just more of a compliment to me more than anything. I'm proud of my hourglass figure and I just don't think that it's really necessary to starve yourself to be successful.

When they told you that you needed to lose weight, did you tell them no?

When I was 14 and got let go of Ford Models in Chicago, it was just so surprising to me because everyone was fighting over me. I had these top agencies like Elite and Ford and Wilhelmina Models, they were like, "Please come here! Come here!" Ford was like, "We'll do all your book for free and everything." They were making this big deal about me and then they let me go. I was like, "Screw modeling! I'm going to be a volleyball player," but then I had a really bad injury and screwed that up. So I went back to modeling when I was 18 and they said to lose weight. There's so much rejection! It made my skin a lot tougher and it made me even more confident, almost, because I was like, I have these curves and I'm just going to go with it instead of trying to be upset about it. I went and got a personal trainer and I worked my ass off.

So you did end up losing the weight?

I haven't lost any weight, I just toned up a little bit. All they wanted me to do was lose two inches off my booty and I was like, "I like my butt! I don't wanna lose my ass!" I didn't, though.

Why did you pawn off that kissing stalker to Alexandria during the challenge on Episode 6? What was going through your head?

That guy was like extremely inappropriate. The first thing he did was come up and ask me if I did porn and he was really creepy. They caught me saying that there's some weird people out there, but in general, I love weird people. I would much rather hang out with some weird creepy person over Paris Hilton because they're just more interesting. When he said that to me, I was like, "You should go ask Alexandria!" I didn't mean to be a catty bitch, I was just playing with her.

But did you name Alexandria on purpose because you thought she'd go for it?

I named her because I guess I figured that she was the girl who could handle him coming up to her and asking her that. She was the only girl that was on my bitchiness level. But even now, I do like Alexandria and I hope that the things that they got me saying, I hope it doesn't ruin our friendship. She is a cool chick.

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They showed you cursing a LOT on the show. Were you happy with how you were portrayed on ANTM overall?

I am not entirely happy with how they portrayed me on the show because I come off as a snobby bitch. If you dig deeper into me, I'm much more dynamic than that. My family is all musicians and artists and I'm not this spoiled brat that I come across as on the show. Sure, there are times when I'm like, "Kiss my ass, my life sucks," but that's just me having a little meltdown attitude problem. I'm not that bitchy. They edited every bitchy thing that I said and put it on TV.

What are you doing now?

At this point I was just waiting to get eliminated and working out and trying to save money. I went back to waitressing on the weekends and I'm about to move to L.A. with my cousin and that's my next step. I'm just going to go for it this year and push myself and get involved with some acting classes. I'm gonna give myself a year time frame until I decide if I want to go back to school.

Do you want to be an actress now?

I'd kind of like to be a triple threat. I love to take pictures, I love to be in front of the camera. I'm happiest when I'm in front of the camera and when I'm playing my guitar. If I could do some on-film stuff and get into that industry as well as modeling, I'd love to do that. I'm not going to say that I'm gonna be the next Megan Fox or Nicole Kidman — I'm not that good at acting — but I definitely have some potential.

Who do you think is going to win ANTM Cycle 16?

I think that Brittani is gonna win. She's a really fierce chick and and she's really good in front of the camera — she just snaps into it. Her walk's really good, she's super thin, she's got that whole high fashion look they're going for. I'm putting my money on Brittani.

Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW ©2011 The CW Network    

In previews we see Brittani seems to be getting in a little fight. Will that affect her possibly winning?

I don't think that's going to affect Brittani winning. I think the reason that Brittani is having an outburst like that is because shit's gonna hit the fan with Alexandria. All those girls wanted me to stay and they wanted her to leave. No one has actually confronted her — even me when I read her diary. That was a bad move. I should have just been like, "Hey, you're acting like a total bitch. You need to knock it off" and made her aware of what was going on and instead, Brittani is going to snap on her.

Has Alexandria confronted you about reading her diary?

I called her before the episode aired and I just warned her. I was like, "I want to let you know what's going to happen and I read your diary and this is what it said." It was terrible because she was like, "Mo, nobody told me how they really felt!" And I felt like an asshole about that, but if I could go back now, I would just have a talk with her instead of going behind her back — it was a crappy thing to do. I'm sure she's a little hurt. There was that whole montage of people talking shit about her. I'm sure that was really hard to watch for her.


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