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True Blood

Jessica Tuck Loves Belittling Alexander Skarsgard

What’s the best thing about playing vampire spokeswoman Nan Flanagan? “The fact that she has two sides,” says Jessica Tuck (Nan). “That upscale, sophisticated Diane Sawyer spokesperson-y side, and then her crass, bitchy, don't-f***-with-me side. I love that I get to play the two extremes.”

Oh, we bet Diane Sawyer has that side too. She seems like she could cut a bitch.

But of course Ms. Sawyer doesn’t get to put the fear of God into big scary monsters twice her size — something Nan does with aplomb.

“I had a couple of scenes with Alexander Skarsgard (Eric), where I got to say things like, ‘Listen, you whiny little bitch.’ It just makes me laugh that he's ten feet tall and could take me out with the flick of his finger, and I get to scream and yell and threaten him. I had a good time, giving him a piece of my mind.”

Sure. That’s how we’d have a good time if we ever got our hands on Eric. Giving him a piece of our mind.

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04.4.2011 / 07:07 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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