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The Bachelor

Ryan Sutter: “Why I Don’t Think Brad and Emily Will Make It”

A cold front just moved in from Colorado, thanks to Season 1 Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter. We heart Ryan something fierce and nothing is going to change that, but why is he raining on Brad Womack and Emily Maynard’s parade?

Ryan Sutter: “Why I Don’t Think Brad and Emily Will Make It”
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On Friday Ryan tweeted, “Why I don't think Brad and Emily will make it...” with a link to his new blog post, “Another Bachelor breakup?”

In the post he writes that while the rational part of his mind doesn’t believe Bachelor Season 15 couple Brad and Emily will make it, the part of his heart driven by challenge and adventure knows they can make it — if they are willing to take the risk.

“They don't live anywhere near each other,” Ryan writes. “Their lives are constantly scrutinized. They have no privacy and they have people, like me, doubting their chance of survival. They will most certainly be available on the singles circuit soon.”

However, he continues, “No one gave [Bachelorette] Trista and I a chance either. We had challenges, though perhaps not at the level that Brad and Emily do. Adversity brought us closer. We grew together. [...] Though others doubted our chances, we never did. We never worried about what would happen if we didn't make it. Trista, a sun loving city girl, moved to Vail, Colorado, a winter dominated small town. She never looked back. She never said, ‘[W]hat if.’ We both felt the sting of the media and the people whose lives are apparently given value by the degradation of others. We both felt the doubters. We simply didn't listen.”

Ryan believes that Brad and Emily must make the same choice. “They face some pretty staggering odds. We all do. They probably won't make it. Truly, none of us has much of chance at love. The obstacles are great and they are powerful. Our minds our easily convinced and influenced by doubt. An attempt to rationalize love, to find a guaranteed path to relationship bliss, is impossible. Love is a challenge that will only be conquered through the actions of the heart. It is a risk to be sure, but one most certainly worth taking.”

He concludes, “Will Brad and Emily make it? Will any of us? Only if we are willing to take the risk...”

He’s not writing them off; he’s just being realistic, albeit a bit cynical. He’s right, but it does seem like Brad and Em are trying hard to make this work. Like Ryan, we hope they end up beating the odds!

Read Ryan’s full blog here.


04.4.2011 / 10:15 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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