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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Is Jason DiLaurentis “A” on Pretty Little Liars?

We haven’t seen Jason DiLaurentis in a while, but don’t let his absence fool you. He’ll definitely be back for Pretty Little Liars season 2 and by the sound of it, this won’t be good news for the little liars.

Jason’s always been creepy, but that doesn’t even begin to describe his odd behavior the last time we saw him. Jason appeared in Episode 15, “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie, Again,” to supposedly help the little liars. He told Spencer (Troian Bellisario) that the picture of Alison (Sasha Pieterse) had to have been taken from his house and that he probably snapped it, but doesn’t remember much since he was high all summer with Ian (Ryan Merriman).

Judging by Jason’s confession, you’d think he was just helping, right? Wrong. At the end of the episode, Jason watched the little liars from a window in an all too suspicious way. (Rewatch this clip from 41:20 onwards to see what we're talking about). It seemed like Jason was spying on them because why else would he be peering out a window where all four girls were gathered?

Even stranger than Jason’s attitude was the fact that he was in Alison’s old bedroom, which now belongs to Maya (Bianca Lawson). We’re confused about why he was there, especially since all of Ali’s possessions are gone, but apparently we’ll find out more about this next season. A fan tweeted at Pretty Little Liars Showrunner Marlene King, “@imarleneking why was jason in maya's room?” She replied, “good question. To be answered first episode, second season.”

Jason confessed to taking the picture of Alison the night she died, so we're guessing he's somehow connected to her murder, or maybe he's "A"!


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