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Wetpaint Exclusive! Jon Huertas Dishes About Esposito’s Relationships

So, we’re on cloud nine because we recently got a chance to chat with Jon Huertas, who's doing his part every Monday night to make detective work sexy as Det. Javier Esposito. Read the first part of our exclusive Wetpaint interview to find out what Jon thinks about the Esplanie romance, how he feels about his fellow Castle cast members, and why he's keeping his upcoming album under wraps.

Wetpaint: Obviously, a big development this season is the Lanie and Esposito romance. How do you feel about the direction that relationship has taken? Were you surprised?

Jon Huertas: In Season 2, [Castle writer] Terri Miller alluded to Lanie and Esposito kind of having a thing. There were some really subtle moments in a couple of episodes of Season 2. I kind of knew that she and some of the other writers were looking to put us together. So once I found about that, I kind of campaigned for it a little bit, talked to Tamala [Jones] about it, and we were both into it. It wasn't really a surprise when it finally hit this season, but it was a surprise last season when I saw subtle hints of it.

The relationship between Esposito and Ryan has become one of TV's great bromances. What do you think about their relationship? Any storylines you'd like to see in Season 4?

This season we were going to explore a rift between the two of us kind of based on a girl.... That ended up not happening this season, but it might happen next season. I think there needs to be something between Ryan and Esposito, because the bromance is too perfect. You've gotta shake it up a little bit. We've got to disagree on something bigger than who files paperwork better. I think we've got to raise the stakes a little bit there, and I'm looking forward to something happening in Season 4. The thing about Andrew Marlowe and the writers is that they like to surprise us as much as they like to surprise the audience. They keep a lot of stuff under wraps.

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A fan, @castleaddict, tweeted asking if you could you tell us something about Seamus that he wouldn't want us to know.

This is something he might not have wanted people to know, but I'm going to tell you. I don't think he'll be that offended.... Seamus, at some point this season, changed the way that Detective Ryan walked. Now everybody can go back and watch every single episode to see if they can find where the transformation happened.

That's interesting!

I'm only gonna come with interesting stuff! I'm not gonna come with something idle, I'm gonna come with something interesting (laughs).

What can you tell us about your album? Is there a set release date? Any chance of a preview?

I'll be releasing a single very soon, I'd say within the next 60 to 70 days. Hopefully, a music video will be right around the same time, and the album will probably drop in June. I do have a title, but I'm keeping it under wraps. Part of the marketing plan is keeping it under wraps and not talking about it too much.

And create a little suspense...

You know, I think there's not enough suspense anymore. Everyone gives out all kinds of spoilers and stuff. I'm old school. I like to be surprised by things. I don't like to watch things when they're not done. Even on Castle, we get the opportunity to watch scenes on what's called "'dailies." I won't watch that, I want to see the finished product of Castle. I want to see Castle when it's done. And the same goes for every movie I've worked on. I love movie magic. Because I'm an actor, I know what it takes to make something now. Or even as a musician, I know what it takes to make it. I like the magic that I can't see.

Check back later this week for part 2 of our interview with Jon! Get this and all the latest news and spoilers by liking us on Facebook.

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