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10 Things You Need to Know About Rachel Thevenard

We admit, we've totally got such a girlcrush on the gorgeous, talented, and altogether lovely Rachel Thevenard. On Skins, Rachel plays Michelle, a fiery queen bee who has trouble holding on to her scumbag boyfriend. In real life, Rachel is a soft-spoken Canuck who bakes cakes, hearts hip hop, and takes her fashion cues from homeless men. We've gathered ten absolutely essential facts on Miss Thevenard.

10. She's a Canuck!
Filming the show in Toronto was no biggie for this actress. Rachel was born in Waterloo, Ontario and raised in Vancouver, BC. She isn't the only Canadian in the Skins cast. Ron Mustafaa (Abbud), Eleanor Zichy (Eura), Britne Oldford (Cadie), Jesse Carere (Chris), and Camille Crescencia-Mills (Daisy) all hail from north of the border. We don't know what's in Canada's drinking water, but that country is producing hot teen stars like whoa.

9. Skins was Rachel's first big break.
Before MTV came a-knockin' Rachel was just another would-be actress. She got her start starring in some hometown Shakespearean plays and had a short stint as a cheerleader in Drayton's Entertainment's Production of High School Musical. Although signed to an agency, the lady didn't have much luck at auditions. Happily, the Skins open casting call came around and she nailed the role of Michelle Richardson.

8. She hearts Stanley

Throughout the season Michelle finds herself torn between boyfriend Tony and childhood bestie Stanley. But back in December, Rachel told us that if she were Michelle she would choose Stanley because he's "so much nicer [than Tony]." Although Rach admits that, "Every girl kinda searches for the bad boy." Too true.

7. She's got great gams
Rachel loves to run and dreams of someday completing a marathon. Whatdya say: Is it time for Michelle to join the track team in Season 2?

6. She loves getting baked
Aside from running, one of Rachel's favorite hobbies is is baking with her friends. According to MTV, cakes are her specialty.

5. These are a few of her favorite things.
Michelle tells Oology that she favorite color is purple and that her favorite song is "Lose Yourself" by Eminem.

4. She's a huge hip hop fan.
Speaking of Eminem, Rachel looooves rap music. The actress regularly tweets the wisdom of 50 Cent and challenges her followers to rap battles over Twitter.

3. She dresses like a hobo

As the ultimate high school hottie, Michelle rocks cleave and leather jackets on a regular basis. But in real life, Rachel is so low maintennece. The actress says she "lives" in sweatpants and admits that she "look[s] like a homeless man the majority of the time."

2. She's married to castmate Camille Cresencia-Mills
Sort of. Camille and Michelle became bffs on the Skins set. The two are so enamoured with one another that they regularly refer to each other as "wifey." Cute... and maybe a little creepy.

1. She is not Michelle
Rachel insists that she and her Skins character are nothing alike. While Michelle loves hitting up her local warehouse raves, Rach can be found pursuing much more G-rated hobbies. She 'fessed to Oology, "My life is quite subdued. I go to the library a lot."

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