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True Blood

10 Things You Need To Know About True Blood’s Todd Lowe

Todd Lowe plays Terry Bellefluer on True Blood — one of the only Bon Temps residents who isn’t secretly a vampire, shifter, or leprechaun. We’re dying to sink our teeth into some deets about the man behind those aviator glasses, so here are 10 things you need to know about True Blood’s sweetest human.*

*For now. Honestly, we never know when someone’s gonna up and reveal that they’re a unicorn or something.

1. He was on Gilmore Girls! Todd played Laine’s band-geek hubby Zack, who managed to knock her up the first time they did it. And no, their baby was not evil, unlike some people’s (cough cough, Arlene).

2. He’s in a band! Todd sings and plays guitar in Pilbilly Nights, a group he started with his high school buddy James Ellis Lane. Guess what?! James and Todd’s band played at Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin’s wedding! Awww.

3. He auditioned for Hoyt Fortenberry! Todd initially read for the part of Hoyt — and even though the role went to Jim Parrack, Allen Ball was so impressed that he called Todd back and had him read for Terry. Todd says, “They had me do the whole 'I like your clavicles' bit. I read once for that then my agent called later and told me I got the role.”

4. Todd’s accent on True Blood is the real deal. Todd hails from Humble, Texas, a little town very close to the Louisiana border — so that accent is 100% legit! Wonder if he helped his cast mates hone their southern drawl?

5. He’s been in over twenty plays. Todd is a total theater nerd. He loves to perform on stage and often works with famed L.A. playwright Justin Tanner. This guy has mad skills!

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6. He damaged his eyes during an orgy! Well, a True Blood orgy that is. When Terry was possessed, Todd had to wear creepy black contacts for up to twelve hours at a time while dry humping the heck out of Arlene. It was so painful that he developed styes!

7. His favorite show is Breaking Bad. Todd has a serious thing for violence — and for good TV!

8. He ad-libs on True Blood. Allan Ball may run a tight ship, but Todd still gets in a few one-liners here and there. He came up with “We will un-f*ck this situation at a later date,” and “Bullshit, God has horns!” all by himself! Genius.

9. His favorite musicians are Morrissey, Sting, and Willie Nelson. Sigh, Todd has such good taste (other than Sting... questionable) — could we love him any more? Whip out your iPods and download this business asap.

10. He owned a children’s theater company! Todd loves teaching the kiddos. Though after seeing True Blood, what parents are going to let their kids go to a theater camp run by him? You heard Russell: “We will eat you. After we eat your children.”

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