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5 More Weird Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bones

Thanks to our first installment of fun facts about Bones, you may already know that the writers collect stories of bizarre real-life deaths and the crew has a pet squirrel named Dr. Sweets. But did you know that David Boreanaz (Seeley) is so superstitious he carries three lucky charms in his pocket at all times? Didn’t think so! Read on for five more interesting tidbits about your favorite Fox show.

1. The first cut of each episode is usually 8 to 10 minutes longer than the aired episode.

2. At the end of each season, the show stores its master tapes in a vault in the Kansas salt mines, 650 feet underground.

3. The earthquake/flood in the subway during Season 5, Episode 15, “The Bones on a Blue Line” was partially filmed at Universal Studios theme park. The interior of the subway car that Sweets is riding in was originally designed and built for Seinfeld.

4. The exploded bits of "flesh" on the cab in the bank robbery episode “The Goop on the Girl” are actually raspberry preserves.

5. Every time David Boreanaz (Seeley) is on camera (and in pants) he has craps dice, a brass Zippo lighter, and a St. Christopher's medal in his pockets.

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04.5.2011 / 05:05 AM EDT by Lisa Costantini
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