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Alexis Gone Wild: Has Castle’s Sweetheart Come Undone?

We heard it from kingpin/killer Monica Wyatt (“This is not who I am”), and we heard it less eloquently from Terrific Authentic Nick (“This ain’t me”), but when a scratched-up Alexis said to Castle, “This isn’t me,” our world was rocked. Can we talk for a sec about how she punched her friend in the bathroom? The location isn’t super critical, but the bathroom is a pretty badass place to beat someone up.

Things got interesting even before Lex threw the left hook. (We’re not sure that’s what it was, it’s just the only punch we know.) It’s not her fault that she accidentally befriended a burgeoning psychopath. Sometimes things like that don’t start developing until the middle of high school. When her “BFF” Lauren disinvited her to a birthday party with no explanation, but kept the invite open for her boyfriend, Alexis tried to handle it as maturely as possible. “Just because I have leprosy doesn’t mean he should,” she said, which would actually make a good slogan for leprosy in general. But we digress.

Alexis decided to crash the party anyway — the first sign she was coming undone. This is not the same person who minds Castle and Martha every day. The second sign: “None of this wouldn’t have happened if Lauren wasn’t the most conniving bitch in the entire world!” The b-word! Whaaaaat? That’s the kind of language Alexis resorts to when you call her boyfriend onstage at a party, kiss him in front of everyone, and then post pictures online that make it seem like he cheated. Is there another word for it? What worried us even more than the subsequent bathroom scuffle, however, was when Alexis repudiated Lauren’s claims of Internet hacking with an “As if!” If Alexis is in any way reminding us of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, doomsday may be upon us.

She was back to her old self soon enough, though, calling upon a school counselor to mediate the situation. Turns out Lauren was only trying to protect their friendship by destroying it altogether. Ah, high school. The whole thing ended as most girl fight do — with a fake hug. The most important thing here is that the sweet-natured ginger finally had her character rounded out. We wouldn’t want a full-time rebel, but wasn’t it kind of fun to see her as the angry red planet for a little while?

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04.5.2011 / 10:22 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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