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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Top 10 Quotes From Secret Life Season 3, Episode 16: ”Mirrors”

Last night’s eppy of Secret Life of the American Teenager was even more packed with hilarious doozies than usual! Our sides were splitting from all those Ricky-Amy-Nora incest jokes. Take a look back on the good times with Wetpaint’s round up of the episode’s top 10 best quotes. Bring on the lolz!

1. Nora to Amy: “It’s like looking in a mirror, before I was into alcohol and drugs and guys, and yeah....”
Go figure, Ricky’s sexing a mommy look-alike.

2. George on Ash’s education: “This is broken-home schooling!”
Ah, George. So funny, even when arguing with his ex-wifey.

3. Lauren cries over her breakup: “I’m worse than sick, I’m practically dead.”
For a heartbroken dead girl, she sure knows how to apply a healthy layer of eyeliner.

4. Ben tries to convince Adrian to shack up: “Friends having babies with friends live together.”
Yeah, just look at Ross and Rachel!

5. Nora to Amy: “This is kind of sick. My son is dating his mother. Or not dating... worse.”
It was only a matter of time before Ricky started sleeping with his relatives.

6. Amy: “You’re thinking over high tea?”
Ricky: “I don’t know what that is, but don’t mix high and anything with my mother.”
Gotta love how the writers don’t even try to pretend Ricky knows anything other than how to unsnap a girl’s bra.

Credit: ABC Family    

7. Ben to Bunny: “I didn’t know Ricky’s mom got sprung.”
Did you see Ben’s face? He so knows he can’t pull off hip lingo.

8. Ricky to Amy: “Are you trying to create some situation where I never want to have sex with you? Because that’s what you’re doing.”
Take it back, Amy –– quick!

9. Grace: “I’m like, some disease-carrying skank.”
Yup, pretty much. We kid, we kid!

10. Madison chews out her dad: “Everyone knows that the food court is just, like, a steaming bowl of Styrofoam and sex.”
No wonder everything tastes so delish there!

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