5 SEX-iest Lines In Season 3, Episode 16: ”Mirrors”
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 SEX-iest Lines In Season 3, Episode 16: ”Mirrors”

The Secret Life kids says “sex” so many times per episode, the show should probs be rated NC-17. We’ve all seen the hilarious video where the sex-count is 70 times in one eppy! Last night’s episode wasn’t quite that sex-happy, but the S-word was definitely a hot topic. Here are our 5 favorite sex-y lines!

1. Jack explains his player ways to Grace: “I kinda did it ‘cause you didn’t want me having sex with other girls, so I just thought you knew I had sex with other girls.”
Um, this sentence doesn’t even make any sense.

2. Ben guesses as to why Grace is ditching:“Something to do with sex.”
Jack: “Oh I’m out on that, I have nothing more to say on that.”
Yeah... we doubt that. This boy loves nothing more than talking about the nasty.

3. Grace asks Jack a probing (literally) question: “You had sex, not oral sex, sex with her?”
Three times in one sentence, people.

4. Madison: “I met someone who wasn’t interested in sex!”
LOL, please. Such a person doesn’t exist in the Secret Life universe.

5. Grant tries to convince Grace to drop trou: “This STI thing is the downside, but there’s definitely an upside to having sex.”
He must be talking about getting pregnant.